Will medical marijuana ever be legal in Virginia? Why or why not?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Just like any other state, they have their own hurdles to overcome as a state but ultimately at some point, yes it will be legalized in Virginia. The only thing that really holds back a lot of states is determining just how to structure their revenue model so the big political figures in the state can get the best profit margin, while still utilizing it properly to tax and essentially find means to utilize that extra revenue.

The other thing to take into account is just like other states, you have to essentially work with those that are immoral such as drug dealers to come up with some sort of ideal compromise that helps satisfy both parties and this is often not something that is considered. Once things are settled on that end, the state is usually all ready to dive into the market.

One of the most important things of course that they look for is essentially waiting until other larger states legalize it, and they tend to follow suit. As states like Pennsylvania and California have already legalized it, it's not long until states like Virginia decide to legalize it as well. Essentially it's all about how efficiently they can tax, govern, and truly regulate the Cannabis industry is when it will fully legalized in Virginia. From my personal projections based on the rate it's been growing, you'll probably see it happen in the next few years so not long to wait now!

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How has the legalization of marijuana affected the economy of these states?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally just from places as tiny as Colorado they have seen tax revenues in the hundreds of thousands just on the first days of opening, to near millions in places such California, although once the “dust has settled” so to speak, the profit margins would generally be less at this point the markets are just beginning to grow. From what has been seen in California, it looks to be that the profits will be in the many millions potentially on a daily basis, which in turn is a good sign as this will nearly triple their potential budgets and in turn result in better economic growth.

Of course with too much capital coming in, this usually leads to potentially shady business deals and equivalent legalized money laundering where the tax dollars don't actually go to where they're supposed to and thus in turn a lot of missing revenue which in turn can actually result in a negative impact.

I guess ultimately what i'm saying is it depends strongly on the state, how they manage the major growth in profit for the state, and how well they themselves are being managed. If there is no proper accountability then in fact, too much revenue from Marijuana may be rather risky but of course that is just my opinion.

How many people use cannabis for recreation as of May 2014 in the US?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Unfortunately due to the limited availability of Cannabis for recreational use In 2014, it's quite hard to determine just how many people are actually using it. What you can verify is that in four states out of all of them you can have it for the purpose of recreational use. With this being said, some of those people are probably bringing it along to other states to share with their friends or getting them to come over to try it out for themselves. With that being the case, you can determine that at least 15 to 18% of the United States is utilizing it.

Of course from that point, you would factor in those that would essentially be deemed “rebels” which is usually generally at least 10% thus bringing it to the closer to 25% to 38% of the United States, which doesn't sound like much but that's still hundreds of thousands of people. Some may just want to try it to rebel against the government in states where it's not legal, and others may just be doing it just because they can.

After putting all those factors in, you have to estimate at least 5% of the people that claim they're taking it for medicinal use are in fact, utilizing it for it's euphoric properties rather than the benefit of health. Although it's sad to say, it's most definitely true that you can say that not 100% of the people utilizing the medicinal marijuana are doing it for the purpose of their health.

If you factor in all of these %'s it's safe to say that a little less than 50% of the United States is currently engaged in Marijuana use. Of course, these numbers can greatly vary depending on how popular it is in the particular states that it is legalized in among other variables so it's more accurate to say that it's probably less than 40%, but that's still quite a lot of people wouldn't you say?

What is the best way to store cannabis?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When it comes to storing Cannabis it is rather really quite simple, you want to store it not only in a cool location, but one that isn't damp and offers a low level of humidity. With this being said, what you should definitely invest in especially if you're planning on growing a lot of Cannabis is a controlled environment. Often times people may invest in a greenhouse, or utilize a basement or something similar to grow their Cannabis in a suitable manner.

If you want to store them ideally absolutely do NOT put them in metal and plastic as that will effect the actual taste of the Cannabis and you won't want that especially if your intention is to sell or try the product yourself. In that case, using ceramic jars or hermetic glass is usually the best route to take. If you're just kind of growing it for yourself you may be able to get away with Mason Jars in very small quantities as long as the buds aren't touching the actual metal.

Of course taking it to the next step you would want something that absolutely seals the freshness in and this can be hard to find, so dig around and see what you can find but the idea would be to seal out the humidity as well as the smell which for transport would be ideal.

I hope this helps get you going in the right direction and this mixed with what others have said can really help you get going in your storage efforts!

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Can marijuana help treat alcoholism, specifically seizures?

Posted by Robert Morley.

In a sense yes it can help alcoholism but it's not a good idea to have both alcohol and marijuana in your system at the same time as not only can it potentially make you super depressed it can really result in some quite random and potentially devastating adverse effects. If you're going to try to treat alcoholism with the use of Marijuana, make sure you are only going to stick with Marijuana for at least the duration of the day, as otherwise you put yourself at quite a lot of risk as it will just generally amplify the effects of your drinking and make it even harder to quit!

When it comes to seizures, anxiety, and pain relief however Cannabis is definitely the way to go with that. Not only has it been known to help with seizures, it has been proven in more than one case that it can actually outright prevent seizures from happening. This being the case, you can't get any better of a drug than Marijuana in regards to this so it's definitely something to consider in that aspect.

Ultimately when your body gets more used to the intake of Marijuana, is when you could slowly start to replace it with alcohol as with smoking, there isn't nearly as much of an addiction factor as drinking and in fact you'll essentially be replacing your drinking with Marijuana but since there isn't much of an addiction factor to Marijuana, it will be much easier for you to quit so it's definitely something to consider if you take everything I have stated into account.

How can I make a cannabis cream or balsam?

Posted by Robert Morley.

First of all, you'll need to gather all the ingredients for the Cannabis Cream which generally include Marijuana of course, then the base, any extra stuff you would want to add, some kind of pot or boiler of sorts, something to strain with, or you can utilize a cheesecloth, something to store it all in, and of course, some kind of stirring device.

The first step then is to turn your boiler or pot to a medium to low setting at which point you would add the base. Once you get it all set up make sure it doesn't get too hot to boil, and that it stays relatively under 240 degrees.

At this point you would add in your Marijuana, let it simmer a bit, stir every now and then, and keep at it for at least 30 minutes until you're all ready to go with your next step. Of course, at this point if you wanted to add any extras this is when you would do it.

Last of all you would utilize whichever strainer you decided upon and then let it sit in your storage container and cool off. After which, you store it in somewhere nice and cool for up to two months and then when you're done you're ready to utilize it as a topical.

It may sound complicated but the short answer is you cook it in a pan below boiling with base, add in Marijuana and any extra stuff, then you strain it into a container and let it cool off for two months. Nothing too complicated, the only down-side is the wait time!

Why would any state disapprove of or reject legalization of medical marijuana?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally when it's rejected via a State It has a lot to do with the previous stigma attached to it and can also hurt or benefit the political status of the group of people in control of the particular state. Often times they wait until it may benefit them when it comes to re-election or help them look more appealing to the state's citizens.

The other issue that usually comes to mind is that they generally disapprove it as the state quite hasn't figured out an ideal way to monetize the medical marijuana. A lot of times it's a case of passing funds from one area to another and may require the state to actually invest themselves to get the marijuana industry going, and this can be quite costly when they're already on a limited enough budget as it is.

Of course the biggest issue that a lot of states come across is essentially treading carefully. Some of the states here within the United States have such an established drug trade that moving too quickly may in fact cause potential riots and gang wars with the state. If they thread carefully they may be able to find a good compromise for the drug dealers already established in the area and potentially make it more enticing to them to get involved.

With all the hurdles that a state has to jump over on a day to day basis, it's not really hard to see why they may disapprove or outright reject medical marijuana in their state but of course, that's just my opinion on the subject!

Will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton may slow down the cannabis industry growth, if elected?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Honestly between the two since Donald Trump is more “for business” than Hillary, when it comes to Cannabis it should feasibly grow better with Trump as president not only because he has so much invested in business growth and the better a business does the more profit he makes, but he also has a business mind-set and has proved time and time again he knows how to run a business. Although I don't really condone all his business endeavors he has pulled in quite a large sum of money and although he had an initial $1 million dollars to play with, that's really not much in the big scheme of things.

Now on the flip side of the flip side of the coin if Hillary become president, I don't necessarily see it majorly slowing down, but rather benefiting government more than business and the individuals. This won't necessarily mean the growth will stop, but rather be hindered in a sense that they're going to have much more hefty taxes, and thus make it harder to actually grow in general.

Of course this is just my opinion but honestly I would rather hope for Donald Trump to get elected over Hillary simply because it looks as though it's much more promising with a business-minded individual in charge rather than one that has heavy political ties, wouldn't you think?

How can someone legally invest in medical marijuana?

Posted by Robert Morley.

There are actually plenty of ways in which you can legally invest in medical marijuana without having to have millions of dollars in capital to get started. You can consider going directly to the distributors and discussing with them who in fact helped invest in their companies to get their dispensary going and often times it may lead you back to different stocks you could be trading on.

Of course, if stock trading isn't your think you can always consider dabbling in the affiliate marketing end of things. Lots of dispensaries are out there that don't get anywhere near the type of capital some of the more well-known ones do and with that being the case, need help with the marketing of their own business. You in turn could help turn them a hefty profit by helping them promote their dispensaries usually for a cut and you don't necessarily have to know anything about marketing but rather have the capital to invest in hiring a professional to help you along the way.

Alternatively you can simply invest In medical case studies or in fact raise capital yourself and conduct your own studies with a group of professionals and thus help build more credibility in the industry and thus spur it's growth at a much faster rate than it's already growing at!

Me personally I find the second option more viable as not only are you helping small businesses grow, but you're helping the medical industry as a whole have more competition and thus, ultimately more business and growth and it's a lot better than seeing a monopoly out there so that is definitely something to consider. These are just a few ideas but some of the more well known and easier ways to invest in the industry.

Where is the best place to go to get the latest information on the new cannabis industry in the U.S.?

Posted by Robert Morley.

If you look over a lot of major news sources as of lately the more and more they legalize it the more you'll learn about the Cannabis industry but some of the best places at least that I have personally come across is forums. Not only because you have the news stories provided, but you have a shared collective amount of answers from people that are in fact, directly using Cannabis and or selling it in the market.

You can also often times find it in professional scientific journals that provide many numerous case studies helping to truly show just how beneficial Cannabis is within the United States. The down-side is you won't really find all this information in one central location, but rather a variety of them. It's any wonder why noon's established just a go-to place for all things Cannabis, but I am sure it's right around the corner.

With all of this knowledge pouring out on forums and scientific journals you'll find an almost over abundance of information and help especially if you go the forum route and you'll be able to learn all about Cannabis growth, the direction the business is headed, and even information on how you can get involved too if that was something you were interested in. The short answer though is, it's looking to be like it's going to have a really great outlook for the future s oI personally am definitely curious to follow up on the latest news too and this is usually how I go about doing it, so it's definitely a good direction to consider!

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