Does smoking marijuana make you smarter?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Although a lot of you would argue that smoking Marijuana does in fact make you smarter, the real scenario is that it won't make you smarter, but rather make you think better, act with more initiative, and not hold back as much. When you're not high on Marijuana you often hold back on things that you're not quite sure how they will pan out. Where-as, when you're on Marijuana, you're more likely to act out whatever “silly” idea you have that may in turn, actually be a multi-billion dollar one. So many people hesitate and you can't really do that in the business world of things.

Not only does Marijuana help you with your creativity, it will also help you in regards to better focus and really help to expand your mind to stop thinking of “what could be” to make it “What will be”, instead. Essentially, it's a motivator to make you do things that you never imagined you had the strength within you to do, and when you do them you start to feel great as the burden of “what if” is gone, and you're finally living the life you wanted!

If that wasn't enough, individuals such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have taken a variety of drugs in the past and Bill Gates actually even stated that it in fact was his “drug of choice” so really, it does seem to be quite positive as the celebrities that have tried Marijuana and other drugs don't stop there as if you read around you'll realize people like Oprah, Bill Clinton, and others have all had some kind of drug at some point and in fact, some still may b on a few of them here and there. With all that being said it won't necessarily make you smarter, but will allow you to take more risks which in itself can be a good and a bad thing, depending on just how risky you may be. Ultimately, why not just try it out for yourself and see what happens?

What are some great tips for quitting smoking marijuana?

Posted by Robert Morley.

A lot of what you named is more associated with just simply not picking out the right strain for you and not really having to do with the Marijuana. Often the signs you're exhibiting could be simply withdrawal symptoms as well, but only if you had it in too much excess or you completely withdrew from it altogether, but luckily for you most of them don't last long and you won't run the risk of potentially dying like you would with those gateway drugs or even those OTC meds.

The guide I have used as a reference in the past is that of this one: which covers most of the strains that would best help with anxiety and the one that would be most suitable for you that seems to best fit is that of Indica.

Of course, the one you feel that might fit you best may not be on this list but don't go giving up on Marijuana until you have tried at least one other strain. It may be hard to do but it's definitely worth giving it a shot so why not? If you're still having doubts, perhaps Marijuana isn't quite right for you and of course it's not right for everybody. If you truly want to quit though they do have patches if you feel you can't quit “cold turkey” which in turn you can start at a high dose and slowly reduce the level of THC in your system until it reaches zero and thus completely fend off the addiction. Hopefully this helps give you some insight and best of luck on your decision.

What are the pros and cons of smoking weed?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When it comes to determining what exactly the pros and cons of smoking weed are, you have to think of it from both points of view. If you're looking at it from a medical point of view there are many pros involved both for health benefits and for the benefit of relaxation from stress, both of which are very prominent when it comes to Marijuana.

However, from the government's point of view the goal is to provide both a stable and safe product without having a lot of pushback from citizens as well as maintaining profit and worrying about other groups of people that may be acting on a bit more of an illegal stand-point such as drug cartels.

Ultimately no matter the way you look at it though as it's already been proven time and time again that it can cure cancer a lot better than chemotherapy can, I feel the pro's far outweigh any cons now or in the future. Of course, there is still a lot of skepticism to be had but the results are looking quite promising for the long-term in regards to many cancer patients and there is plenty of testimonials all over the internet so really, there isn't much to be skeptical about.

I did find a good resource from both sides of the coin so to speak which can be checked out here, and the reason I like this resource most is because you can get the perspective from both the same type of organization but a different part of it and may give you some insight into just how much of a debate Marijuana is right now. Either way I hope for the best in regards to it and that others feel the same way I do. The quicker it becomes legalized, the better!

How do I begin a professional career in cannabis?

Posted by Robert Morley.

As this is a very vague question, it ultimately depends on just what part of the cannabis industry you're interested in. Usually the best way to start is to work directly with a dispensary and go from there. Once you get an inside look at their operations at that point you should have a pretty good hold on what direction you want to go in.

Of course you can go in the direction of launching your own dispensary but keep in mind that it can require hundreds of thousands of dollars there is a lot of pressure put on you from the government so if you can't handle a high pressure job, opening up a dispensary on your own is probably not for you.

Then there is the thought of the person that manages the product which can also be quite frustrating as well. If you feel you aren't even cut out for that, perhaps a simple job focusing on the customer service side of things may be for you. At that point it's just a case of simply remembering facts about the different strains of marijuana, much like you would do if you were a waiter or an actor!

Not everyone is cut out to be in the Cannabis industry especially with it's constant growth and change, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try and see what happens so ultimately what are you waiting for. Get started today and see what happens, who knows what your future has in store!

How does marijuana compare with OTC pain relievers (like aspirin/Tylenol) for pain relief?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When comparing Marijuana to over the counter pain relievers the things you'll find are actually quite surprising. In fact, you'll realize that a majority of OTC pain pills are actually far more deadly than Marijuana itself. Although it may be complicated as to why OTC is so deadly, the simple answer is you can overdose on it. According to website and various resources, you can't in fact overdoes on Marijuana. Keep in mind this doesn't result out the chance of potential adverse effects but with OTC medicines, you run the risk of an over-dosing by taking slightly too many pills and in fact, would be a very big mistake.

Some say though that Marijuana isn't that effective but the reality on that one depends ultimately on the strain you're taking and how strong it is, as well as your tolerance. For some people they may need more than others, and for some it may take longer to effect you and people may give up too early before waiting for it to kick in. Ultimately with many studies out there proving just how effective it is, it makes me hard to believe that every single study is wrong, wouldn't that make you just a bit skeptical in that case?

Ultimately avoid skepticism and do your own research, Marijuana has proven time and time again that it is much more effective in regards to pain relief than any other medicine out there really, and it's no surprise that the government is taking their time implementing it on a nationwide scale simply because they haven't quite determined how to profit from it yet both for recreational and medical use. In fact, I am quite surprised it's made it this far at this point!

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How profitable is the average marijuana dispensary?

Posted by Robert Morley.

A lot of people will tell you that running a marijuana dispensary is quite profitable but the reality can be quite far from the truth not because it's not a good business to run and make money off of, but rather a lot of people like jumping into the market without knowing much about it and burning through any potential investor money and going bankrupt at the end of the year, not realizing just how many costs are involved.

What you have to determine first before figuring out how profitable a marijuana dispensary is can be quite simple. It's all about the numbers, the size of the investor, and how much knowledge you have in the market. The numbers are the most important of course. If you have an investor that only brings you in $250k, you'll have to be rather careful with how you spend the money as not only do you need a lawyer, but you need someone to help manage all of your product, and customer service reps to essentially be the face of the company. With that all said and done, it sure doesn't leave a lot of profit to be made.

Often times an individual will actually join up with an already established dispensary because of course every state is different as is every country, and if you aren't quite sure just how much profit you may make why not jump in with an already established dispensary and see what happens, who knows what may be in store for you and what you can learn from doing so!

Some dispensaries may only make a few hundred thousand a year, but keep in mind projects in California alone are expected to peak over $1 billion dollars in revenue for just 2014, so keep that in mind when focusing on the company and just how profitable really it can be especially as in a lot of states and countries, the operations are still rather limited so imagine as they legalize the Marijuana both medically and recreationally! The possibilities are endless so try things out and see what happens, who knows where you may be in the future for pushing yourself forward and delving into this business!

When you use cannabis, do you tend gravitate towards smoking, vaping, edibles or topicals? Why?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When it comes to Marijuana, I actually dabble with smoking, vaping, and edibles. Each one has it's own benefit and I will go over why! Personally though, I like the edibles the most but let's not get too ahead of ourselves, shall we?

For smoking, I love the amount of THC that usually is involved and often times it gets me the best high, and really helps to give me the feeling of escapism so in turn it's really up there in my top choices but not quite my top one out of the three but unfortunately i'm not just utilizing Marijuana for myself, so that in turn gets me to my next point.

Edibles are in fact, one of my favorites. Not only can you mix a strain in and make it taste good, but with just a little butter you can make tons of different recipes. Even if you just use Cannabis by itself you can create quite a concoction of things to try from cakes to bakes, to really anything and the only limitation is your imagination. It's also easier to ingest and usually results in a higher level of THC as long as you don't cook that Cannabis too long, haha!

Vaping of course is important although not exactly in my priority list. When I vape, I usually do it out of convenience rather than necessity. Often times I may be in too much of a hurry to get everything prepped for smoking, or getting some cooked up via an edible Cannabis conception, and with that being said that's why I usually end up utilizing vaping as it's rather quite simple.

With all this being said and reading over some of these other posts I really thank you for this discussion and am curious what your favorite method is?

Why do I feel guilty using marijuana for medication?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When it comes to Marijuana for medicinal purposes, it can fall into a rather gray area and may in fact may make you feel guilty, but just because it may be illegal where you are, as long as you're taking it for the medicinal properties involved with it, there Is nothing wrong with that.

I can't imagine someone coming into your household and arresting you especially if you have doctors basically telling you to obtain it. Now if you were using it for the sole purpose to get high then yeah, I could see why you should feel guilty, but when it comes to your health especially for some which may be a life or death situation, it's worth the risk. You just have to keep reminding yourself that you aren't taking this for enjoyment, but rather to make you feel better health-wise!

People will tell you what you can and can't do but ultimately that's up to you. If it's making you feel better then keep doing it. Often times people tell you too often including those that are authority figures that you can or can't do something, but in this circumstance you aren't causing bodily harm to anyone or putting anyones life at risk so just keep at it!

Can cannabis be used to treat depression?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally Cannabis is looked at as more of a temporary aphrodisiac and a stress reliever, rather than something that cures depression. Just like if you were to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco, they're all helpful as a temporary solution. However much like alcohol and tobacco, they only result in temporary relief. Unfortunately Cannabis does follow in a very similar fashion but more for heavy-duty users than those that just smoke it occasionally.

If you're only just a little bit depressed Cannabis should in fact help relief any anxiety you have but if you're way beyond just a little bit, this would probably not be the best way to go. For those that are already depressed, it can tend to lead to even stronger levels of depression. Of course, some may argue the other way that in face Cannabis is ideal for that as in general with so many strains of Cannabis, it's really hard to say who's right and who's wrong, and in fact two people could be right even with opposing arguments simply because every strain you may utilize could be slightly different than the other, thus changing the results around and it isn't exactly the most ideal drug to utilize for case studies.

Really, the best way to find out just how effective it is for treating depression is to simply try it for yourself. Some may say there is some level of addiction, but the addiction is mostly a mind-set so there really is no risk involved just to check it out and see what happens so, go for it!

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How do I get a prescription for marijuana in the us?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Getting an actual prescription for Marijuana in the United States may seem like a challenge but ultimately it breaks down to just simply who your doctor is and what your medical issues are. The issue where it gets complicated is that it depends on what state you're from, what medical conditions they consider fit the requirements for getting prescribed it, and of course any other medicines that may work against it.

Often times you'll see prescriptions being written out almost surely for those that have cancer, glaucoma, variations of arthritis, and lots of different types of chronic pain. Not as often you'll run across those that get a prescription for having a migraine headache which of course isn't necessarily all that serious, but it shows just how lax getting a prescription for it can be.

Unfortunately the biggest issue with prescriptions for marijuana is the cost. As this is a fairly new market, often times an insurance company wouldn't exactly cover it and make you pay a simple co-pay, but rather you might be paying majorly out of pocket monthly just to utilize the drug so just make sure to ask yourself just how serious your illness is and whether you really need Marijuana to treat it, or whether a more common pill that a doctor can prescribe can help you just the same.

What percentage of Americans live in States, which have legalized medical cannabis?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Although coming up with an exact percentage of Americans that are currently utilizing medical cannabis can be quite a challenge, by doing the math of what states have already legalized it you can determine that 48% of the United States currently has access to medical cannabis when only just five or so years ago, that amount was closer to 15%. It's been quite a big improvement over the years, and I am personally hoping to see that number get closer to 100%

With that being said only roughly 8% of states have access to recreational marijuana and unfortunately that amount isn't all that high that you can have. The biggest picture with this is that medical marijuana will come first way before a full implementation on the recreation al end of things so we may be sitting at that 8% for quite some time, really.

Just keep a close eye on those percentages as you never know when a state may actually revoke the benefit of having Marijuana, unfortunately. I guess it's good that it has come this far, but I am not exactly sure just how fast it will start being legalized in other states. I guess only time will tell and all we can do is wait and see what happens!

All the information I got was from this resource which is essentially an index of all the states that legalized marijuana both medicinally and recreationally,

Why isn't medical marijuana distributed in pharmacies?

Posted by Robert Morley.

The short answer as to why medical marijuana can't be distributed as of yet in pharmacies is simply because you still have to wait on FDA approval for all types of medicinal properties pills or otherwise, and as Marijuana is actually fairly new to the market, it may be years before you start seeing it pop up in your everyday pharmacy, that is if the dispensaries don't continue to stay popular.

Not only do you have to worry about the fact of FDA approval, you have to keep in mind that the government, hospitals, and insurance companies haven't quite figured out how to set it up yet to profit tremendously and unfortunately as this is a thing especially within the United States, it's just another step you have to wait on until it becomes more readily available. Of course there isn't just profit they have to worry about, but they have to take into account how they approach the situation as major drug cartels have already embedded themselves into the market, and they may in turn create some havoc by messing up the order of things so of course it's important to tread carefully.

With all that being said, Marijuana will eventually make it's way to pharmacies but in the mean-time you may have to wait until it's legalized more widely before they even start to think about that. Dispensaries are of course a good solution but unfortunately they're rather a temporary one so long-term plans do need to be made as when it comes to a dispensary, they're much too open to robbery especially from those that it cuts into their business that have no morals when conducting business.

Just some things to think about, and hopefully this helps you and others that may read this to give you insight into just how much effort is involved in establishing themselves in a pharmacy.

What are the main symptoms you treat with medical cannabis?

Posted by Robert Morley.

From a majority of individuals I know that utilize Cannabis for medicinal purposes, they use it to help treat pain and anxiety. Generally it works as a good day-to-day stress reliever and can also help with headaches and migraines as well. Rather than take something like an Aspirin or Ibuprofen, they might find themselves lighting up to relieve that stress. While most try to do it legally, some may try to side-step the law and that's a big NO. It's a good drug but not worth it for the legal repercussions that you may endure by ignoring it. This isn't to say that you should just not take it if you have some serious medical issues such as cancer as those are life and death scenarios. Just those that are utilizing it for pain relief should at the very least get some approval from a doctor.

As to me personally, I know someone with a variety of issues from Lupus to Glaucoma, to even potentially cancer and with that being said although we haven't started treating these issues yet with Marijuana as we're waiting on approval from a Lupus specialist, all the research I have done is looking really quite promising. Not only may this help treat all these issues, it may in fact help cure them as well. Not hoping for any magical cure, but even some pain relieve for the family member would be quite helpful in itself.

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding Cannabis but ultimately I see more positive studies than negative ones that sometimes even get suppressed as unfortunately it kind of fights “against the establishment” so to speak as it can put a lot of major hospitals in a danger zone of sorts as they have a lot of financial investment in things such as chemotherapy when there is Marijuana right there that would generally be much less expensive. It's kind of disappointing that it's a society we live in but it does look like they're making some strides in the right direction so that's definitely a big plus in that regard!

What is it like to be high on marijuana or other sources of THC?

Posted by Robert Morley.

This is actually a hard question to answer as everyone may experience it slightly differently depending on the strain that htey're taking. It also can adversely effect you depending on any medical conditions that you may have so you might not experience it quite the same as someone else.

With all that being said though it generally falls into a few main things. At first it's essentially a feeling as if you're in an airplane or as another has referred to it, up in a mountain. After which you get a kind of a “breezy” feeling like if you were taking a bath and you were outdoors and the wind is blowing on your face, and you get a kind of a “relaxed” vibe as compared to if you were at a concert from the 80's, then of course follows a kind of a weird chemical balance issue like if you were dizzy then all of a sudden, your emotional state is much more fragile. This in turn can make people laugh a whole lot more, or unfortunately in some cases make someone really paranoid depending on the kind of strain they're on.

As with all drugs, you can try Marijuana at your own risk and although you won't really die from it per-say, it may cause some adverse reactions you didn't quite want if you didn't take the time to study the different strains and find out which one may be right for you, so it's important to go over with your doctor which one of course would be best for you, or if you're intending it for recreational use where it's legal, to do your research online as the last thing you would want to do is not make smoking marijuana an enjoyable experience!

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