Why do so many smart people consume drugs?

Posted by Robert Morley.

A lot of people will say that it's smart people that are consuming drugs, but in reality it isn't the drugs necessarily that are making them smart but rather the consumer themselves. Although it's been known to help really boost the creativity with individuals especially with the use of Cannabis, it's usually the more willingness to try things while under the influence of a drug with less restrictions and worry which helps those that usually wouldn't push their ideas further help inspire and motivate them to do just that, keep pushing forward with a hope of making it big one day.

With the use by popular names like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs you know that it's worth trying a drug or two at least sometime in your life to see what happens, especially as it gets being pushed more and more into the United States and legalized. What you'll be suprised to know is not only did Gates and Jobs do some quite interesting drugs, Oprah had a few “hits” way back when in 1982 and probably more recently that she's not revealing so who knows, really.

If you want to read more about various billionaires that have had a “hit” or two, I found this to be a nice source where I got my information about who did do some variation of a drug or two,

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Do you agree with full legalization of cannabis?

Posted by Robert Morley.

The real question is, why wouldn't you agree with the full legalization of Cannabis? As proven in places such as California which you can read about here where it may peak $1 billion and so far the projections aren't too far off and you can read more about it here,

Although it might sound like a stretch it's actually not too far from reality on just medical marijuana alone, imagine if it was legalized recreationally nationwide, it would be quite the interesting world. In fact, it's likely with all the bad press Tobacco is getting that it very well may be replaced with Marijuana. Imagine going into an outlet and finding the option to buy Cannabis cheaper than Tobacco, that would definitely be quite mind-blowing to have that option, but I can see it happening with the way laws are passing and the realization the government is having about the potential profit margin to be made!

Who knows though, I guess time will tell and prove what really happens but i'm definitely hoping for the recreational use legalization across the board and with all countries really, with all the amazing health benefits and the high you can get it seems like a win-win to me!

What is the easiest way to get a doctor's recommendation?

Posted by Robert Morley.

A lot of people will say to simply “pretend” like you have an illness that fits the requirements to get marijuana but that will only lead you down-hill where your lies will get caught up with you and ultimately cause you a lot of long-term trouble as you won't be able to keep up with your lies and in turn could get you jail-time and or some major fines!

The proper way to approach your doctor and get a recommendation is to actually be medically ill that fits in the requirements for the medical marijuana to give you relief and often things like having Aids, anorexia, arthritis problems, cancer in some form or another, chronic pain, glaucoma, migraines, muscle pain, some sort of seizures, nausea, or other types of chronic pain or some kind of continual medical symptom is what at least California looks for and you can find that source here,

Of course every state and country is different so make sure to take the time to see what constitutes legal for your particular area and go from there and make a difference in your health in no time at all. After-all, Cannabis is quite the amazing drug to have and there is many proven health benefits to be had!

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Why is marijuana illegal, even though there is no harm in smoking it?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally the only reason that it is has not been legalized yet is because government hasn't found a good way to profit off of it in both a medical and recreational sense, without risking themselves with all the drug cartels out there! Imagine if you were a big business with no morals, no care or concern for anyone but your business, and you had lots of money at your disposal? This is exactly how a lot of drug sellers feel and so the government has to find a good compromise for that as well as maintaining the focus of ensuring that they make tons of profit along the way as well.

Not only that but essentially there are many others involved in this “honeypot” of affairs that it can get rather complicated. Essentially it's not only just the government but law enforcement agencies, DEA, and other organizations including the court and jail system that are essentially tangled up in this web and hopefully someone can find an idea solution to these problems.

As this is no easy task, especially when it comes to the government and their continual losing track of where they're spending money now, it can take years to get it right and unfortunately that means for years people may suffer especially the ones that could immediately be benefiting from the use of the medical marijuana! It's unfortunate really, but sadly there isn't a whole lot we can do on our end but wait and see what happens.

Does medical marijuana actually help or is that just an excuse to get high?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Unfortunately for some, they utilize the easy efforts to obtain medical marijuana to get a high rather than to actually benefit them through a medical ailment they may have, when those that are truely sick have to struggle to get the proper marijuana that is needed as the restrictions for types of ailments has gotten rather restricted. Ultimately they made it more complicated for an average person to receive it, but someone who knows how to game the system a much easier time which can be pretty rough.

The plus side is that medical marijuana has many numerous health benefits out there and just doing some quick searches result in quite a lot of them but I found this one personally quite fascinating,

As essentially not only is it healthy for you, but much better for you than something that is already currently available and completely legal on the market and that is Tobacco. With all this heavy pushing back on Tobacco and it being proven to be rather deadly, it's no suprise if some new and upcoming drug took it's place and that being Marijuana doesn't seem so far fetched anymore. I guess though in turn they will need someone to replace that old camel, perhaps a happy joint that smokes itself? That might be a bit awkward, eh? Who knows though, with the way the US and other countries are going nowadays!

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What are top 20 diseases cannabis can heal or help with?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Although the source provided in addition to this one is great, there is a lot that are being overlooked and even more so that may not be beneficial to the average person depending on the strain. With that being said, I have focused a list that I dug up with teh help of CNN's article here,

The ones listed here showcase much more mainstream diseases without having to look through all the clutter. Of course the most important is benefits in regards to cannabis and in turn if legalized can be used as a preventitive measure for it, and not only that but there have been promising results in Alzheimers, Aid's/HIV, Arthritis, Athma, Chronic Pain, Chrohn's disease, Epilepsy and so many more! Of course, this is just the start as it's only recently been legalized in a good bit of the United States so who knows what studies will come out as it becomes more and more legal and popular to be used for medicinal uses here in the states.

I think the real question you should ultimately be asking yourself is, what exactly can't Cannabis cure? It seems like quite an endless miracle to me, and hopefully it gets legalized in more states and that it is here to stay, I can't see what possibilities it holds for the future. Can't you?

When will medical cannabis be legal in every single state in the USA?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally the legalization of medical cannabis will be legal in every state as soon as the government finds a viable way to do it and continually profit from it at the same time. The biggest issue they're having now is they can barely keep a tight lid on their current budget, imagine having to deal with potential drug cartel business interruptions, disrupting a variety of law enforcement and court systems due to the fact that Marijuana wouldn't be a crime anymore, and many other types of areas.

With all this kept in mind, they still run quite the risk of creating quite a complicated situation, and it could take years to figure out and sort it all out, while still maintaining a profit and trying to deny at the same time that their intention was never to make a profit but to benefit their citizens. That's often a hard sell as it is with today's citizens. All of this being said, I would say at the rate it's going with it's major success so far, I would say by around 2020 would be an ideal year to not only have been able to pass the law but officially legalize it. I believe for recreational use unfortunately it won't be for many years at least, not nationwide anyways.

Can you use cannabis products to help prevent cancer without getting high?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally you would want to focus on Cannabis products with a low THC or nonexistent level and those that focus on the CBD(Cannaboid) aspects of Cannabis to achieve the potential to help prevent and potentially remove any potential cancerous cells. Although it's argued both ways that Cannabis can help or not help with Cancer, if you want to try it for yourself just look for anything that offers less THC and more of everything else. Some even go as far as literally removing nearly 100% of the actual THC so that you can't possibly get high.

Usually though unless you're directly ingesting the Cannabis, it's unlikely you'll get much of a high simply from applying the Cannabis cream to yourself so that would be the best approach to avoid the high factor. As others have said it won't necessarily work as a preventative measure but may help fight cancer cells if they potentially pop up.

In a sense, this can in fact be looked at as a preventative measure so it doesn't hurt to take it in regards to potentially preventing against cancer but it's unlikely to stop it if you were already predisposed to it. Often times it will help to potentially slow it down, but it's not really 100% proven that it will in fact prevent you from getting cancer altogether. It definitely doesn't hurt to try though and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.

How do I break into the marijuana business?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Ultimately it depends on where exactly you want to break into the Marijuana business. Would you like to run a dispensary, farm on the field, be a customer service rep within the business, or perhaps help market the business online via as an affiliate?

There is literally quite endless possibilities on how to break into the marijuana business but the easiest route is probably the most obvious which is to simply try to get hired by a dispensary. Ultimately, what better way to learn about the in's and out's of Marijuana than to learn the whole process for yourself from start to finish

You can start out as a simple dispensary sales rep and work your way up to the big leagues to get more insight and if you then feel confident you can learn how to run your own dispensary and get involved in your own business endeavor and grow a company to exceedingly high profits as when you're dealing with Marijuana, you're dealing with some quite big business, that's for sure!

Once you get a good idea of just how to run a dispensary unfortunately the hard part comes next to raise the proper amount of capital and although i'm sure that you can get some insight into that from working there, this would generally be a good time to do research, ask around with investors and see what the next step would be. Of course it's a hard one, but when it comes to getting involved in the marijuana business, it can be quite the challenging one but if you're serious about getting into it, then it's worth trying it out for yourself to see what happens.

How much money will it take to start up a marijuana dispensary?

Posted by Robert Morley.

A lot of the issue with starting up a dispensary isn't that it's necessarily challenging or anything like that, but the fact that it can be rather costly just to get started. Generally depending on which state you're from or if you're outside of the United States which country, the costs can range quite drastically but ultimately you can expect to be spending upwards of $500,000 just to get off the ground, and much more as your business grows.

Not only do you have to worry about laying the ground-work to actually get started, but you have to figure out an ideal business plan, invest in lawyers, and hire professionals that will be able to handle mass production of your marijuana and make sure all of it's on the up and up with the government which can get rather costly in itself.

After all that you have to factor in just how much it will cost on a year to year basis which in itself can be quite challenging to determine without going through the first year and seeing what happens. Usually the best route to go in regards to this step is to actually work in an already established dispensary first, that way you can learn the in's and out's and what to avoid, to help cut expenses when you launch your own dispensary.

I was kind of following along with a simple step by step guide I found on wikihow, http://www.wikihow.com/Put-up-a-Medical-Marijuana-Dispensary and although it isn't the most detailed thing, it gives you a more specific break-down of what I said and then some. I find it quite helpful but of course there is much more than just reading a Wiki to starting a business, especially in such an active and new market as marijuana where essentially you're almost making up your own rules while being watched over by the government. It's quite an interesting market to get into, but yes it can get costly.

Will the United States ever legalize marijuana?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Ultimately yes, the United States will in fact legalize Marijuana however it will be a very long time until you see that in regards to recreational use as essentially way too many agencies and organizations are profiting too much off of it as it is where it's legal, it's also why there is such a push for medical marijuana where they can kind of avoid risking things with drug cartels, while still making a huge profit from the sale and tax of marijuana, and still maintaining the DEA and law enforcement agencies profit margins by keeping it still mostly legal until they can find a better way to legalize it across the board.

My personal thought is that the medical marijuana phase is rather a test-bed to see how people react and how much money they can make, then eventually they will slowly legalize it recreationally while working out some kind of “under the table” deal with those that essentially already operate in the United States, or offer some kind of incentive to them to go legitimate in at least that part of their business, while not stampeding too much into their territory to frustrate them.

I guess time will tell ultimately on how long it takes, but i'm personally not expecting to see anything for many years at least not on the recreational front, although that would be nice to hopeful there is such a thing as getting my hopes up TOO high.

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