Pro cannabis TV ad?

Posted by Robert Morley.

I see no real harm in running an ad that is about the legalization of Marijuana. In fact, I would like to see ads run to show just how beneficial it is compared to Tobacco and how it can in fact potentially destroy cancer cells which definitely need more medical support. In fairness as others have mentioned, there is far more offensive advertising going on in the world today than an ad talking about the legalization of Marijuana. There is in fact ads all the time for things like beer so what would be the harm in an AD that isn't even about Marijuana other than it's benefits and votes to legalize it so I don't see that being an issue.

I think even when it gets to the point where the commercials are simply advertising for Marijuana it's no different than a beer commercial and they're just trying to promote their product, that's capitalism straight and simple so it's not like it's going to harm anyone so why don't they go for it? I guess time will tell on what happens with these advertisements but they appear to be working quite well especially as of today and hopefully they continue to help push to legalize Marijuana in all states of the United States and eventually on a federal level!

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Why TV is legal but marijuana isn't?

Posted by Robert Morley.

In regards to TV being legal it's simply because the government can utilize it to push their own agendas and thus in turn, benefit far more than they could with Marijuana. As Marijuana grows in popularity and the government starts losing control is when they start pushing to legalize it in a given state or area. It's beyond me why it's not legal in every state but I guess legislation can get quite complicated especially if you have a lot of international ties to it as well, thus postponing and delaying the potential billions of dollars they could be making in profit.

I figure at this point the only reason that Marijuana is not legal everywhere yet is because in some places they haven't quite figured out how to fully monetize it as it's a lot more complicated than simply legalizing it for medicinal use as it is tied up in so many other facets such as if it was legalized it may eliminate the need for chemo-therapy, a multi-billion dollar healthcare business venture.

You do bring up a good point though, if they're going to go blaming Marijuana for things you can blame TV for so much more although the reality of the matter it isn't the TV that is the problem but rather the person themselves. Everyone has a level of mental addiction and just like Marijuana, TV can be quite the addiction too. I guess the plus side is that TV networks are running out of ideas and thus Marijuana may be a good booster for getting more people to watch it so it may be a win-win finally for the government, haha.

How do people not get in trouble for smoking marijuana on TV?

Posted by Robert Morley.

A lot of times the marijuana use may very well just be staged. This can often be seen in reality shows like Pawn Stars where 90% of their show is staged and scripted, so then in turn what portions exactly were considered legitimate? With that state of mind, is anything really on TV considered real in any manner? Other times depending on where they filmed the particular show can also effect whether it was legal or not.

I figure the biggest thing you have to keep in mind is if you're running a successful TV show you have plenty of money to fight against law enforcement in courts to avoid any real legal action to be taken and in other scenarios it may be legally approved just to show others potential biased input on Marijuana.

I guess when it comes to TV and Marijuana we may never know but my personal opinion is that if you see anything on TV, there is a 99% chance it's fake and was filmed months before you ever see it on the air and that alone can make it hard for courts to persue someone for any legal or financial reprecussions. When you have hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions rather I doubt you would worry too much about a potential Marijuana charge as it's not as though it would break your business, and in fact places like TMZ may jump all over that and in fact increase your exposure and maybe even help make you grow your TV show even larger.

Is it a sin to smoke marijuana?

Posted by Robert Morley.

I wouldn't say that it is a sin to smoke Marijuana, especially as it's literally 100% natural and if it's natural can it really be all that bad for you? Not only that but If you look at religious texts you'll read that god in fact created cannabis to help ease pain in men. Not only does it help with chronic pain but a lot of other things too including the potential to eliminate and irradicate cancer once and for all!

For a drug that helps to cure cancer that has no real addictive properties, could it really possibly be a sin to take it and help cure numerous ailments at the same time? I can't imagine for someone that wants to better their health they would be considered sinning by taking Marijuana. Even those that are taking it recreationally are only taking something that grows naturally in this world, so I don't see the harm in utilizing it and enjoying it both recreationally and for medicinal purposes.

Whether there is government regulations or not, I don't believe it even comes close to be considered as a sin to be smoking so go and smoke to your hearts content and if you're still skeptical take the time to read over the bible and read over the many times it's cited as being a way to rather help with man's suffering than being a sin.

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Investing in Medical Marijuana Stocks?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Medical Marijuana is a good market to invest in yes, but it's still way too early to tell which company is looking most promising. There hasn't been a real face like there has been for companies like Google and Facebook and until one presents itself, it's best to ultimately just avoid the market altogether especially as since another user has mentioned it's still illegal under federal law and could get you in some hot water investing in the wrong company.

What you can do however at this point is follow up on dispensaries and what companies are helping fund them and see if they run stocks, as these kind of companies have a lot of capital invested into them and are surely going to turn a profit in the years to come through the help of medical marijuana. These places can be harder to trace, but do exist so take your time and find out just which ones are looking positive, and others that aren't looking so hot.

In regards to the two stocks you mentioned it looks like both have went essentially bankrupt so I guess we saw how that one went. There are some OK stocks out there in marijuana but nothing personally catches my attention as of yet, but who knows what the future will have in store.

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How do you consume marijuana?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally the bottom-line is the more you cook it, the less THC is going to be left in the actual Marijuana strain. This doesn't mean you can't still get high, but If you want to get the utmost in getting high then smoking it would be the best route outside of cooking. You can however get a lot of benefits from Marijuana still health-wise from eating if you're interested in that route for cancer prevention, but when it comes to actual high it's best to smoke it.

The down-side you're missing from not cooking however is you can get some really delicious foods out of cannabis so it's worth at least cooking occasionally to make some unique snacks for "on the go" and it's also a safer route if you're living in an area that hasn't fully legalized Marijuana yet as it's less likely they will look in your food for your "stash" than it would be to find an actual joint laying around your house, you know? Not that I condone such an act of illegally smoking, no-siree! Either way, I hope this helps you or anyone else that may be reading.

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What does the odor of marijuana smell like?

Posted by Robert Morley.

It's hard to determine what exactly it would smell like with all the many different strains out there but the most universal smell is that of a stench, and from a non-smoker point of view the smell is really quite strong and terrible. From those that smoke it however they get more used to it and the balance of lighting up and smelling it go hand and hand making for quite an enjoyable experience.

Basically, think of it as a smell of something that's been cooked but sitting around for a while, and since every strain is different that cooked smell will smell different ever so slightly. The smell isn't really bad per-say depending on what type you're smoking, but over-all most people that aren't smoking it themselves won't really enjoy the smell.

It's quite an interesting smell and unless you experience it first-hand it's truly hard to explain as it's not quite a skunk smell, and it's not quite a "smelly fart" smell but maybe somewhere inbetween, but truly unlil you're in the presence of it you won't really be quite able to figure out what to expect so why not try it for yourself, or see if any of your friends may be smoking and get a wiff to get an idea. Generally just a wiff won't harm you and you can finally put the question to rest and get an idea of the smell directly.

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Roommates smoke marijuana, guilty by association?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Essentially you can still legally be at fault simply through association and not reporting the crime that you're fully aware of and see on a daily basis. It would be kind of tough to argue with a cop that you lived with roommates for months and were unaware of their Marijuana smoking acitivites. Perhaps the best solution would be to consider rather than tattle-taling to simply move to a differnet apartment where your roommates aren't smoking anything.

I figure at this point you probably at least hopefully decided to move out of the apartment and find better roommates that don't put you at risk simply by living with them. It can be a tough decision but it's better than ratting them out and in the long-run can keep you living free and without any major fines to deal with through-out your life. Not only that, but you don't have to worry about potentially giving into peer pressure and smoking Marijuana for yourself which in turn isn't necessarily a bad thing but unless it's legal you're still taking a risk smoking it.

No matter whether they take the full blame or not, you'll always be by association, guilty. Think of it in a simple way that if you were there to drive robbers home from the bank, would you not in turn be guilty even if you didn't rob the bank yourself? This is the logic you have to keep in mind that any time you're associated even in the least bit with in something, you can still legally be at major risk!

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