Can medical cannabis treat Migraine headaches?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When it comes to Marijuana, it can treat any types of pain really such as removing cancer cells, chronic pain, and yes migraines as well. The biggest issue most people have when it comes to Marijuana and treating issues is that if you don't get the right type of strain or you over-do it, it can cause more harm than good. Most people will say it's bad for you but what's bad for you isn't the Marijuana itself, but rather the individual not taking the time to properly research and determine what strain would be most beneficial to them.

After digging around albeit a bit late to this discussion for anyone else that might stumble across this I found from numerous sources that the top five most recommended were Lemon OG Kush, Harlequin, Dream Queen, Candyland, and Alaskan Thunder. These types of strains are specifically catered to help you feel relaxed and happy and also reduce stress and help your oxygen flow better and thus relieve your migraine rather quick. Now of course they effect everyone different so before anyone might try any, it would be best to find the type with the lowest amount of THC involved and see how it helps with migraines. If it works out feel free to up that THC dose to get both a good high while relieving pain too. If you want, you can even get the strains with the THC completely removed and in fact are usually cheaper if you're just after the migraine relief!

Anyways, I have mentioned my source in this post if you want to check it out for more details about the specific strains and why they're beneficial for migraines!

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Fastest way to get a medical marijuana card?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Honestly this differs from state to state as laws are different. What this means is that in some states for example it may be much more challenging to get a medical marijuana card as compared to others simply because their requirements are much more strict which in turn results in more frustration when attempting to get a card. If you're however legitimately trying to get a medical marijuana card and are in fact quite ill you shouldn't worry too much about the requirements and just simply ask your doctor if you would in fact, qualify.

Often times medical marijuana cards require you to have things such as chronic pain, glaucoma, cancer, various disabilities that may limit you from working, and other things of this nature. Of course for more specifics in regards to what kind of requirements are needed for your particular scenario it's best to simply as the state or area of which you reside in what conditions are needed or if you currently are going to go see a doctor, simply ask. In most cases you shouldn't have a problem unless you come off as someone seeking drugs to use simply for recreational use or that plan on reselling them elsewhere.

Hope this gives you some insight in regards to the process you would have to go through to obtain a medical card and helps anyone else that may stumble upon this response.

How to get a marijuana citation off your record?

Posted by Robert Morley.

The good thing to note that after a certain time-frame, the citation will simply vanish off your record. Depending on where you're located can also play a part and since you mentioned California and at this point it's getting to be mostly legal even soon potentially for recreational use, you could probably just simply contest it in a court if need-be and essentially have it permanently wiped as it wouldn't make much sense to keep it there if they're going to be completely legalizing it, eh?

Your best bet if you're that worried is to inquire about it to a lawyer if it's only been a few months but at this point since this discussion is rather old, you're most likely already in the free and clear and hopefully everything worked out for you in the best possible way. For others that may be struggling, simply go to your local courthouse and ask which area you need to be in to determine what steps you may or may not need to take. Of course most will say they're not lawyers but at the very least they can hint you in the right direction and in turn guide you to solving your problem and helping you get in the free and clear for both employment and financial aid.

Cannabis as a treat to cancer?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Although it's suggested that you should go through a medical professional, not all people are all that understanding that it can get quite costly especially for those that can't afford insurance or are in the process of getting it and have to pay things without co-pays which in turn can potentially bankrupt an individual. With all that in mind, the best way to adminster it would be through via smoking. The reason for this is because you can then get it at it's highest potency, where as if you cook it just like if you cook with alcohol you can cook out a lot of the actual beneficial properties of it and thus make it much less effective.

Now in regards to cooking it if you want to approach it that way it's beneficial as you can remove a lot of the THC content and thus avoid the high aspect and focus on the medicinal properties so in a sense it would be a good trade off and you would just have to cook fancier recipes in order to achieve the type of results you're looking for. If you just search around there are plenty of recipes you can make but the bottom-line is just simply replace better with what is referred to as “canna-butter” and you got yourself hundreds of great recipes right there and then depending on your taste preference if you want to take the cooking approach.

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Can smoking weed hurt you?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Other than the legality aspect of it and the potential jail-time, the main other issue is for those that may excessively smoke it. For those that do this aspect of Marijuana, you can experience similar effects as to if you were smoking Tobacco albeit at a much less severe state. In fact, you can't even possibly over-dose on it unless you are literally forcing yourself to and even then it's hard as you're more likely to pass out or zone out before you even come close to overdosing.

I guess the other risk you can take is that someone may be more likely to rob you if they are aware that you are in fact high. This can result in loss of income for the fact that you have to buy new things, and also can result in you potentially getting shot or robbed as someone wants some of your stash for themselves. Although Marijuana isn't necessarily as appealing as other drugs, it's easy to overtake someone that is high and unfortunately that can result in a lot of unfortunate circumstances to occur.

In regards to any actual real health risks there isn't any and in fact it helps you as long as you limit the usage. You'll not only notice better lung function but if you had cancer you have a high chance of removing it and if you smoked a lot or have another addiction, it's a great way to replace it especially since Marijuana has no level of physical addiction.

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Medical marijuana price in California?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally this is a tough question as there are two ways you can get it which are through legitmate means which usually results in less potency, or you can get it through illicit means which can be a lot cheaper but a lot more risky as often times on the streets they like to lace it with a bunch of other drugs which can result in some quite major addictions to things like Heroin!

When doing comparitive pricing, expect to be spending at least $100 if you want enough for aorund a month or so, or double that if you want the on the street stuff that may result in a much higher THC resulting in a lot better of a high. If you're after it for the medicinal properties though, always go through a dispensary even if the costs may seem a bit steep, simply because it's a safer bet and you don't have to worry about it laced with anything in most scenarios.

Overall though, it depends on what kind of strain you're into and ultimately can greatly change the cost so keep that in mind as well. There is a lot to choosing the right strain at the right cost but just make sure to be careful who you deal with as some people may be after more than just getting a quick buck!

Can I be a police officer even though I smoked pot in the past?

Posted by Robert Morley.

In a lot of cases any record of Marijuana essentially no longer counts against you as long as enough time has passed and generally no, a few months is not enough time to have passed. As every state is different you have to simply look up your particular states requirements and in turn see if you qualify. If all else fails simply go down to a police station and ask, but do it in a way that might not get you potentially arrested.

I can't imagine for someone that really wants to change and their last offence was many years ago that it would really effect anything for you in becoming police. Now if they suspect you're somehow involved in some kind of drug trade that might be another story but if your last offence was a rather long time ago I think you're in the clear for all of that, especially particularly in the state of Colorado as mentioned and with all the medical marijuana laws being passed, a lot of previous offenders may be getting their records cleared because of it.

When in doubt, just simply apply and see what happens. The worse that can happen is you simply won't be approved, and the best that can happen is you could be pursuing a career as a law enforcement cop. I suppose as this question is a bit old you may already be one but I feel as though it would be a good idea to give people that may be reading this more recently a better more clear process to go through as some of the information could be rather out of date especially from the individual quoting something about laws in 2008 when it's 2015! Anyways, hope this helps you and any others that may read it now and in the future!

Can the police break into a medical marijuana user because of the smell?

Posted by Robert Morley.

I think honestly this is more dependent on the state and local city in question among many other variables. The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether or not you're in a city that's very notorious for such drug activity as well as a neighborhood. For example if you're in what's considered a rather upper class neighborhood you will almost never be bugged for a weird smell, but if for example you're in a below middle-class household you may be more likely broken into via probable cause. In a lot of cases though unless you're a general nuisance to the neighborhood or something else is going on in the area, cops won't generally bug you at least from my point of view.

If they do end up bugging you it's most likely more about something else than the drugs you're brewing up and they just needed a reason to get into your home. If this is the case I think you may have to worry much more about something beyond drug charges than that. I would say if it's legal though and they have no proof one way or another whether you're a card holder then it would be rather illegal for them to break into your house in that regard. What you do have to keep in mind though is that I imagine for police, who does and doesn't have medical cards is probably rather public record for them.

Does Medical Marijuana penny stocks has any potential?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When it comes to penny stocks your risk isn't necessarily that it won't profit, but rather finding legitimate and trustworthy companies that won't essentially “pump and dump” the stock, usually those that are considered insiders. If you're going to go for stocks, try to find ones over $2 a share simply because they're harder to pump up and focus on companies that have had a legitimate growth for at least a year before even bothering. If you haven't even heard about the company or can't find much information about it just avoid it altogether.

The best answer to tell you is that Marijuana stocks are in fact a good investment, but make sure to take the time to look into the companies and confirm their legitimacy and involvement with the Marijuana industry before investing any real sums of money as otherwise you'll just come up with a loss. It's definitely going to be a growing business that will result in investors making millions upon millions of dollars, but you have to find out what companies are showing the most promise and that can take some research especially with as early in legalization a lot of states are.

In a scenario like this, take some time to research legitimate and large companies that are involved with Marijuana and trace the smaller companies in association with them to confirm their legitimacy and that is the ones you should consider investing in. It may be tough at first, but after some trial and error you'll get the hang of it and make profit in no time!

Is it possible to make money with Medical Marijuana penny stocks?

Posted by Robert Morley.

In theory it's a nice thought but as another has mentioned, there isn't really any legitimate businesses out there yet as it's still a relatively new market and until that point, it's best to wait even if it means you miss out on some great opportunities. I would say come two to three years from now when it's more legalized across the board and not just in some states you'll have a better chance of digging up a company that's safe to invest with. This isn't to say that Marijuana companies are bad, it's just that companies that involve themselves with the stock market aren't exactly doing it for the best intentions.

If you're so adamant about investing, why not invest in a small business attempting to grow Marijuana? This in turn will probably far yield better as compared to a penny stock that often falls victim to those silly pump and dump schemes. If you're in doubt about what the company is about, stop and don't invest. If you feel as though there is barely any information on the company don't invest. If the company is trading at $25+ that's a lot of capital to get it that high and then in turn it's worth it toe at least look into it as it would require someone with a LOT of capital to have a chance to pump and dump such a costly stock. Hope this helps give you some insight into the current market!

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