What is marijuana addiction?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When it comes to Marijuana addiction, that sort of craving has nothing to do with the Marijuana itself but rather an underlying psychological condition and a sort of habitual need to smoke, not anything to do with being addicted in any manner. Generally often times people take Marijuana to help attempt to use as a mechanism for escapism from their day to day lives from some kind of traumatic experience such as those with PTSD or in cases of those that generally don't like their lives. There are many people out there like that and ultimately it has nothing to do with the Marijuana itself, but rather the person.

If you want to solve your addiction, the one you'll be solving won't be about Marijuana but you as a person and what the reason was that made you want to first smoke in the first place. Once you determine why this was that you decided to light up will help you along the way to recovery from Marijuana and living life how you want again, without the worry of any kind of drug making you relapse back into escapism. No matter how much you smoke Marijuana you'll never get physically addicted to it in any way, shape, or form! Hopefully this helps clear up that you can't in fact get addicted to Marijuana but the relaxing feeling you get form being high in itself.

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Is it considered Child Abuse to smoke marijuana when around kids?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Honestly I wouldn't consider it any sort of child abuse really, it's not physically harming them and nothing in Marijuana is really bad for you. It's not an environment I would want my kid in, but really if the live-in boyfriend and mother are perfectly OK with it then I see no major issue with it. I think the biggest issue is that if they started offering the Marijuana to the kids, and I believe at that point is when the issue would cause some problems. As long as they don't get overly high to not even be aware of where they are anymore, then everything should be fine as long as they stay in the right state of mind.

Now in the eyes of the law this may be a form of child endangerment but me personally would feel it's not really up to me and rather they could make their own choices as they're grown adults. You could call child services on them but really, that's just a rather harsh approach. I think you did the right thing as you mentioned in your update that you confronted her about it, but I feel the reporting to CPS is kind of harsh as that could essentially result in her kid being taken from her without it being much of a harsh situation such as physical abuse or as mentioned earlier if the boyfriend started offering the kids a toke.

Best way to help a teenager with marijuana addiction?

Posted by Robert Morley.

As there is no actual addiction to Marijuana itself there would be none to break for the teenager and in turn means there is another underlying factor involved. Often times you have to figure out the reason why they initially decided to smoke in the first place. Sometimes it's simply a case of peer pressure and now they have formed a habit out of it, but more often than not if they're out there seeking that kind of thing there is probably a level of escapism involved.

In regards to helping to break their mental addiction once you solve the problem, you often have to work towards solving it whether it means going to a psychologist or talking directly with the teenager to see just why they're smoking Marijuana in the first place. Often times having a simple and direct talk with the individual can result positively in them quitting Marijuana. This won't necessarily be a one-day fix and you may have to do this for many weeks and/or months but pushing too hard may only work against getting the person to quit Marijuana so keep in mind to tread carefully when dealing with such a manner. Some people may say it's an impossible goal but there has been people that have been helped when it comes to getting psychological help but it does take a while so make sure that you're patient enough before attempting it to realize just how much of a challenge you might be getting yourself into. Hope this helps for you and the person with the addiction and anyone else that may be reading over this!

Most popular tools for marijuana growers?

Posted by Robert Morley.

There are a lot of tools you can use to grow Marijuana and it can depend on how big of a grow you want to do and whether you want to do it commercially or recreationally. As you're considering it indoors, it generally makes things a lot easier as then there is a lot less concerns from nature and the environment.

First step would be to get the seeds of course which are the most important tool, and from there you need a good starter pot to grow it out of. It doesn't have to be that large but the better the soil content and the more focus you put on it's initial growing the further it will grow in the future.

Once you get all that straightened out you have to figure out what plants usually need which is water, sunlight, and an ideal environment. Water can come from anywhere really even rain water if it's filtered properly In regards to sunlight you just need some proper lightbulbs. If you're just growing one plant the actual lighting doesn't matter too much but of course the better the lighting, the better your Marijuana will grow so this is something that should be taken into consideration. In regards to the environment this ultimately depends on the type of strain of Marijuana and where you live particularly. You don't want your plant to get too dried out but at the same time, you don't want it to get too overly watered, so finding the right mix for this can be a challenge but there are plenty of guides online to help with that.

Eventually you'll need a bigger container if you're sticking to indoors, and some types of pest prevention in place, otherwise you'll have bugs like spiders nibbling all over your plants. Once you're further along more heat is usually better, but don't over-do it. Things like sun lamps as the other individual mentioned work rather well.

From this point it's simply about maintenance and keeping the environment the same as even the slightest change can result in a totally different outcome for your plant. With all this in mind and what the other individual stated you should be well on your way to your ideal grow with the tools you need to do it right.

Facts and Effects of Cannabis?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Marijuana essentially can make you feel “high” like you're on a mountain top, while releasing essentially endorphins in your brain to help give you a feeling of calm or in some cases paranoia if you get the wrong kind of strain or try to take in too much THC at once. If you want to feel calm, relaxed, and literally “high” then this is the right drug for you.

The fun part comes in with Marijuana when you start going over facts as not only has it been proven and accepted to remove cancer cells, but it's also proven to be nearly 100x more safe than Tobacco so it's any guess as to why it's not been legalized yet. The most likely reason is simply because government hasn't quite figured out how to monetize it in an easy enough manner and without frustrating international governments they work with in regards to drug enforcement laws.

In regards to herbal use it treats a variety of chronic pain, things like glaucoma, general pain, arthritis, and may other health issues that people deal with on a daily basis without any level of addiction to it which in fact is better than those that take things like Percocet which can get you quite addicted and those can be quite deter-mental to your health.

Another fact is that people love smoking it, it's great at parties, and most importantly there is no reason why it should be legal but due to legalization and government, things get pushed through slowly so it may be a while until we ever see it legalized federally anyways.

Some medical marijuana facts?

Posted by Robert Morley.

A lot of people may go over all the facts about medical benefits which are great that it can potentially remove cancer and help with chronic pain, but what others don't really go over is other types of facts of a more general nature. Such as for example did you know that Beer and Marijuana are related? The hop's are in fact the same family of flowering plants as Marijuana so it's any wonder why they're still illegal in most places.

Another interesting thing to note is that smoking Marijuana is literally 100x less harmful than smoking or drinking as both of them result in permanent damage to your body. With Marijuana, unless you heavily use it the only thing you may suffer from is some short-term memory loss but nothing nearly as bad as alcohol might cause where in some cases you might not even remember your night! The only ones really at risk for health problems are those that smoke heavily but you have to go pretty hardcore in regards to the degree of smoking required in order to result in something such as bronchitis and respiratory illnesses.

I think the best fact to keep in mind is that legalizing Marijuana would potentially result in literally billions of dollars for both state and federal governments which ultimately in turn if used appropriately can create plenty of new jobs and better the infrastructure of the United States or really any other country for that matter. It could turn third world countries into ones the equivalent of the states but unfortunately everyone is so stuck in their government regulations that it's hard to convince them to chance the way things are run.

A lot of the facts I found were from a website which I will mention in the resources below which lists facts in kind of a slide-show format, pretty sweet.

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Can Cannabis be harmful?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Marijuana itself is rather harmless and you're more at risk smoking Tobacco then you are having most strains of Cannabis so that is definitely something to keep in mind. The biggest fact you should keep in mind is that often times if you're just buying randomly off the street a lot of people lace Marijuana with some pretty hardcore drugs such as Heroin and in turn you will result in an addiction but not to Marijuana, but any drugs that it was laced with. It's a harsh reality so it's a good idea to know what kind of strain you're buying or only buy it from those you consider reputable sources.

Most strains are in fact good for depression and anxiety but the less of a dose of THC the better as the THC in such a drug may result in potential paranoia if you don't get the right type of strain and your body just isn't used to having Marijuana in any form yet. Generally your age doesn't matter but the addiction level psychologically will be much harder to break at a younger age so it's not a good idea that an adolescent would be taking any form of drug including Marijuana in this scenario.

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Where and for how much people buy marijuana from?

Posted by Robert Morley.

At this point expect to be paying closer to over $100+ if you want a high for at least a week, and if you're getting it recreationally through legal means expect the THC in the recreational use products to be much less simply because government fees for sales and licensing to run are very costly. Not only that but they're often mass producing it so the quality is usually rather low which results in individuals wanting to buy more to get a better high.

I guess the biggest plus though is that at least with recreational legalized Marijuana you don't have to worry too much about it being laced with something else, just rather a much lower THC count than most people would prefer to have. Hope this helps!

Is medical marijuana really helps?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally even pills like Perocet can fetch you nearly $30 to $40 a pill and a lot of times people are selling them while enduring actual pain as the profit is just too great to pass up, so imagine what they can get for drugs like Marijuana that are a multi-billion dollar industry as of today and only going to grow, and on top of that as more medical dispenseries pop up, it will be easier and easier for them to launder those drugs through illicit means. Why though, you're asking? Quite simply because Marijuana can give you quite a lot of relief when it comes to pain.

When you think Marijuana you might think it's just a fun recreational drug but not only has it been proven to destroy cancer cells, but it can help with things like arthritis, glaucoma, headaches, migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, and many more just to name a few. The real question people should be asking is why has it taken the government so long to finally start legalizing it now, rather than when they could have years ago and potentially saved hundreds of thousands of people. It's kind of a sad thought to think about but it's good they're finally pushing forward with it and by 2020, most states and countries will have legalized Marijuana at least for the important part which is medicinal use. Should be a quite exciting future and I guess we'll see how it works out.

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