What is the difference between Medicinal Marijuana and recreational Marijuana?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When you compare recreational marijuana to medical marijuana, medical marijuana will win out simply because the healthcare system has more to gain from it, however there may be more of a push on recreational marijuana as they can raise the taxes on it much higher than the profit they could potentially make through a hospital. This may explain why they seem to be legalizing medicinal marijuana but only in conjunction with their chemo-therapy treatments and other pricey medical expenses to double their profit, which is rather disturbing really.

The plus side with recreational marijuana is not only will there be a lot less costly enforcement of the law as they won't have to be chasing down drug dealers giving out weed, but they will also as mentioned earlier make many millions of dollars in tax revenue which ultimately is a big win for everyone as often that results in more rebates, tax refunds, and a better infrastructure for the country and the state at least in regards to the United States.

The more important plus side with medical marijuana is that it treats many numerous health conditions such as glaucoma, arthritis, various chronic pain, and many other things including cancer. The reason why they're so on the fence with legalizing it for medicinal purposes is that it would be far cheaper than opoids and much safer to use. Unlike opoids, you have a chance to potentially overdose with something such as Percocet for pain relief but since healthcare has such an investment into them, implementing Marijuana in most cases can put their business in jeopardy.

Just my two cents, hopefully this helped give you some insight into why both are a good idea and why they aren't quite legal completely yet.

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Am I legally responsible for a tenant who grows marijuana on my rental property?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally you would be responsible if you were fully aware of it and they were in turn creating some kind of nuisance. Now if let's say you were not aware of it and it was going on then no, you wouldn't be responsible. The best thing you can do if it's causing trouble is to simply report it and let the legal authorities deal with it. This way it shows that you are trying to at least put effort in to solve the problem and most judges will let you off with a warning and then focus their efforts on the tenant rather than you.

In most cases the liability would fall on the renter and not you but as the other person said you can get them to sign in a clause that they would be responsible for any sort of legal matters in this regard including but not limited to and then you just list tons of potential infractions or they just simply waive their right to contest it and say that you as the renter approved it any manner and let them deal with it on their end.

Of course I am going by a more universal federal law in regards to generalized infractions so this variation may change from state to state and mostly is based up of my opinion and information based on situations in regards to my own life so take it as you will, but I hope this helps answer your question for you, and thanks for reading it over! :)

Is it legal to fly with marijuana in a states where it is legal?

Posted by Robert Morley.

The answer to the question could potentially be a yes depending on how little you're carrying, and where exactly you're traveling to. You could technically fight it if you were going from one state that has it legalized to in fact another state that has it legalized or even a country as you can claim under the grounds of you being in the legal state and weren't aware that things were based on federal law. Unfortunately doing so you can probably only get away with once and even then it's risky unless you have a good lawyer but you may be able to get away with an infraction that way.

Unfortunately your safest bet is to simply not risk it at all. I imagine the reason it's still illegal under federal law is to prevent you from going back and forth from one country back to the United States to re-sell at a great profit sort of similar to how you can't go cross state to buy cigarettes and resell them back in to your state that may be selling them at a higher cost.

Alternatively you can ingest a lot of it via a baggy and if you're checked and found to have Marijuana in your "person" you can claim that it was ingested in a legal state and thus you're safe! These of course aren't worth the risk but I figured I would bring some humor into the discussion. Best of luck on figuring things out and hopefully you're able to get ahold of some Marijuana somehow for the summer!

Was cannabis legalized in Washington?

Posted by Robert Morley.

I think the issue isn't with the legalization of Marijuana, but the level of legalization and the gradual transition into such a state. Cigarettes are actually in fact far worse than Marijuana and in turn it's generally ignored and side-stepped by most people. Being as the United States is a much larger country than that of Amsterdam what you may have seen there would be much more isolated in the states and thus it won't be as dramatic.

I am not saying that I support the idea of commercials, but I don't think it would be nearly as detrimental as you might think. In fact, I think it would be kind of beneficial both for the tax revenue it would bring in, and the over-all more relaxed environment. I would much rather see a Marijuana commercial than a Tobacco one. Why? Because Tobacco has already been proven to cause cancer and Marijuana has been proven to actually prevent it. I would rather see a push for Marijuana everywhere than to see anything to do about Tobacco, wouldn't you in that circumstance?

These are just passing thoughts though on a rather old discussion, but I felt I would share my opinion on the matter to give everyone else some unique insight that may come across this post. Ultimately in the long-run it's not going to change anything other than bring more tax revenue into the state, in my opinion.

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Did I just failed a job interview because some item fell out of my pocket?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Generally as others have said the issue wouldn't be in regards to what you had in your purse but rather how you handled the situation. Rather than explaining yourself stating something like that they were for recreational use, you simply ran out of the the office building instead. The better solution would have been to calmly explain things, thank them for the interview and exit the building.

I think really the biggest thing you should be asking yourself is, why did you bring all of this to your interview in the first place? When you go to an interview you should just bring basic essentials and yourself as this way you minimize your risk of failure and at the same time don't have to worry about situations like this and focus on the actual interview and not the risk that you may spill your purse out with a bunch of questionable items.

I guess the plus side is that you learned your lesson in this scenario and know for future reference not to bring as much to an interview. I think also it depends on the job you were applying for as depending on that, can also effect your outcome. If you were applying to something such as McDonalds, I don't think you're too at risk of a Marijuana pipe falling out of your purse but if you were applying to some high-end office job, there is probably a much larger chance fo you not getting the job.

Do note also that there is many programs through various states that can help temporarily keep your electricity on while you seek employment, just call around on your local state directory # either via a library or through a friend to get things sorted out. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you got hired anyways!

Is it hard to grow cannabis on your own?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Honestly this kind of depends on many different variables so it's kind of hard to say exactly how hard it is to grow however i'll go over with you two scenarios. Something to keep in mind no matter what kind of grow you're doing is that you need ideal sunlight, water, and a controlled environment for your Marijuana to grow properly. Once you cover this aspect of things there is two directions you can go with it.

The first way you can go is to simply do the bare minimum in essentials with the water, sunlight, and proper environment. This can be done with less than $100 by looking up best lighting for your environment, proper storage, and a proper system to protect against pests. This in itself can be set up in ten minutes from following simple Youtube videos. It's not really ideal if you plan on growing beyond one plant, though.

If you plan on essentially growing as a business, things get a bit more complicated and a lot more costly. Instead of trying to focus your efforts on one plant, you may have to allocate for over 100+ plants just for starters and with that many plants to focus on, things can get rather overwhelming and most importantly, costly. You could be spending thousands if not hundreds of thousands and not only that but if you're doing it legitimately there is a lot of costs for proper licenses to grow, taxes for sales, and so much more.

The short answer is if you're growing for recreational use and just a few plants for yourself it's rather easy, but if you're trying do it commercially it's best you practice with recreational use and refine your methods and in turn do those same methods but in a larger scale. I hope this helps answer your question for you, and thanks for reading!

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Is it possible to get killed by cannabis?

Posted by Robert Morley.

When it comes to Marijuana, it's rather harmless as compared to other drugs such as Cigarettes and especially the more hardcore drugs like Heroin. The risk isn't in the Marijuana itself, but the strain you take. You won't die from it, but some people can have really bad paranoia if they don't take the time to find a proper strain and start out on a low THC level to get their body used to taking it. The issue a lot of people tend to have is that they use something that will get you a major high, but since the person has never taken it before, it can make them quite ill but no you won't die from it. As the other person has said, you need someone to take many hundreds of pounds of Marijuana all at once in order to potentially overdose but the thing is, you'll be far too out of it and can't consume that much that quickly even fi you wanted to.

The risk in regards to getting yourself killed isn't in regards to the Marijuana itself but the situations you might put yourself in. For example if you're out on the street creating a major nuisance you have a chance to get shot by a cop, potentially mugged and shot since you're so out of it, or possibly even overdose from drinking alcohol or doing some heavy drug with Marijuana, but not with smoking it all by itself.

Is marijuana legal for recreational use?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Essentially the government has it's hands in too many "cookie jars" and at the same time they're trying to find an ideal way to profit without frustrating anyone internationally based on their federal laws. As this is essentially them attempting to jump hoops to get everything passed while still maintaining profit is what the real delay is about. For areas that is is passed for recreational use at least within the United States it's only done on the state level and in fact still very illegal on the federal level, which means that cross-state you can't actually have Marijuana, nor can you fly with it or use it in most federally-owned properties.

This kind of puts a damper on recreational use, but a lot of people take what they can get. In some countries it's completely legal and hasn't caused any serious issues, and in fact probably made the country a better place with it as it results in less drug wars and more profit ultimately for the government, healthcare, and their international counterparts one way or another. The issue they're having now is due to the narcotics division aspect internationally and other government activities that we aren't really privy too, unfortunately.

One day though, it will be legalized recreationally everywhere and most people will care just as little as they do about those that smoke Tobacco. Most people tend to mind their own business whether Marijuana is harmful or not, there really isn't any logical explanation as to why it's illegal yes Tobacco and Alcohol are. My guess is that one day is within the next five to ten years, but who knows with government.

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Cannabis advantages?

Posted by Robert Morley.

I think the main thing you should keep in mind that Marijuana is about the only drug out there that has actual good properties and no level of addiction despite what others may say. When it comes to something like Tobacco you have a chance to get many varieties of cancer and destroy your lungs, where-as something like Marijuana tends to help actually counter-act a lot of damage done to your lungs, and in fact can destroy cancer cells and has been proven to do so by many official establishments including some government agencies.

Another thing to note is that it can actually help with addiction to some major drugs such as Heroin as it helps give you a relaxed and calm feeling, which in turn makes you totally forget about your other potential drug addictions. Ultimately it's better that he is doing something like Marijuana rather than smoking a cigarette unless he's over-doing it as there is nothing seriously wrong with it, really.

The biggest issue that he'll have is legal trouble potentially if he's doing it in an area where there is no legalization as it doesn't sound like he was doing it for medicinal purpose, but rather recreational. With that in mind unless he's in one of the few states or countries if you're not from the United States that has it legalized, he runs the risk of getting caught and going to jail. Of course, this is a risk but unless he's purposely taunting law enforcement this circumstance is rather unlikely to happen.

Is it possible to get addicted to cannabis?

Posted by Robert Morley.

To say that someone is addicted to Marijuana is not realistic as it has no addictive properties like you would get from something like Tobacco which already makes it better. The biggest worry of any sort of addiction really is if they're using it as a coping mechanism rather than a drug. What I mean by this is if they're using it as some sort of escapism as another individual has mentioned. Often times someone wants to escape from their daily life and when the Marijuana runs out they have to start living their life again and unfortunately that comes to facing reality which in some peoples cases can be rather quite harsh. This in turn comes off as a level of addiction but it's no more an addiction than someone that can't stop watching a new TV show, really.

In short, you can be mentally addicted yes but you definitely can never physically get addicted to it. Ultimately it ends up all being in your head really and in general the issue isn't with the Marijuana but with some other kind of psychological trauma that happened to you as a kid, adult, or a combination of the both of them. It's hard to say really what the issue may be for each individual without knowing the full extent of their history but the one thing I can say for sure is that there is no possible way to physically get addicted to Marijuana by itself as it's mostly a habitual thing above anything else.

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