A Great Dentist For Your Family In Tustin CA

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Welcome back! Thanks for checking in with us on this fine Wednesday morning. Today I thought I would share with you one of the very best dentists I’ve found out in Tustin California. Ah the beauty of California, I just love it there! My wife and I found a nice little spot to call home for a few months out of the year near Tustin and we could not be more pleased with the beauty and peace around. While vacationing there this summer I experienced some sensitivity in one of my teeth and decided to search for a local dentist. I found a young gentlemen by the name of Dr. Andrew Kim in Tustin and decided to give him a shot. Being as I have been in the industry for so long, I really gave Kim a tough time (jokingly of course!) and I was so thrilled with his treatment, care, facility, staff and knowledge. Kim is a smart man no doubt! Together we diagnosed what was wrong with my tooth (more him than I) and with a simple procedure I was on my way. Now I have a great dentist to care for me and my family while out in California.

I would recommend Kim to anyone living near Tustin, I would even say make the drive if you live even an hour away. His extreme attention to detail and knowledge (boy does he have knowledge!) and advanced technologies. You will not be let down by Dr. Kim and his staff. Go ahead and check him out dentist in tustin is what I searched to find him online. Tell him Dr. Cliff sent you! He is for sure to remember me!

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All About Pediatric Dentists

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Dr. C here again. Today I wanted to talk about pediatric dentists. I get the question a lot about the importance of pediatrics when it comes to children and medical professionals. For those of you who don’t know what pediatrics is, its is defined as a branch of medicine (medical professionals) dealing with children and their diseases. Pediatric dentists are just that – the pediatric of dentists. They specialize in infants, children and those with special needs. Patients ask me ‘what should I take my child to see a pediatric dentist vs family dentist’ the reality is you can take your child to either one. Pediatric dentists however deal with children 24-7 and are trained to handle a child in any situation. For the child’s comfort, I suggest taking them into a pediatric dentist to help them adapt to the idea of medical professionals and dentists. Once they are old enough, switch them over to a family dentist if you so desire.

The main goal is to make sure your child is comfortable. If you have a great family dentist you think can make your child feel comfortable you can go that route no problem! Again, we just suggest the pediatric dentists due to the child’s comfort as well as their expertise and special training in children’s dentistry.

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– Dr. Clifford

Foods To Eat For Healthy Lifestyle

Being as I have been in the medical industry for so long as well as the dental industry I have gotten a lot of questions throughout my time. One of the frequently asked questions I get from dental patients is ‘what foods should I eat to help promote healthy teeth/lifestyle?’ What you put into your body is so vastly important. I thought I would share with you some foods that you should be consuming to promote not only healthy teeth but a healthy lifestyle as well.

  • Tea – helps to wash away and reduce plaque build up
  • Cheese – neutralizes plaque acid
  • Crunchy Foods – in limitation, the crush helps as a cleansing mechanism
  • Raisins – known to kill cavity causing bacteria
  • Sugarless Gum – helps to remove plaque build up and activates saliva secretion
  • Almonds & Greens – high in vitamins
  • Milk – neutralizes acid produced from plaque bacteria

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Dr. Cliff here thanks for stopping by. We cannot wait to share with you everything we know about the medical industry and some more! Please stay tuned for our first post – you will not want to miss out!


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