A Great Dentist in Fort Worth Texas

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Happy New Year and I hope you had a great holiday! My wife and I did some great traveling throughout the country for the holidays to see our children and grand children and we are just getting back into the swing of things here. Here’s to 2015 and great opportunities!

Today I wanted to talk about another great family dentist I know of in the Lone Star State, my favorite! This dentist is Dr. Salil Mehta from Fresh Dentistry located in Fort Worth Texas. Fresh Dentistry is an excellent family dentist office with an excellent mission statement to provide comprehensive dental treatments to their patients with the most personalized care and diligence. Dr. Mehta is part of the dental network that I work in with Texas medical professionals. He has been behind the dental chair for many years after getting his dental degree from the prestigious University of Michigan.

dentist fort worth tx

Excellent Dentist Fort Worth Tx

Dr. Salil and his team are highly trained to work with your family and children of any age. With services ranging from general family dentistry to cosmetic dentistry to emergency the team at Fresh Dentistry can help with your needs! Some of the services they offer are;

  • exams and cleanning
  • gum care
  • oral cancer screening
  • pediatric dentistry
  • crowns
  • white fillings
  • mouth guards
  • night guards
  • sleep apnea
  • Veneers
  • Snap on Smiles
  • whitening
  • dental implants
  • and much more!

If you are in need of a great family dentist and you live within the Fort Worth area check out my recomendation of Dr. Mehta and his staff at dentist fort worth tx they will take excellent care of you and your family! Until next time folks, take care!


Dr. C

What Marketing Services Should I Be Using?

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Here is going to be a short little article to help some of you out there looking for some help with growing or expanding your medical practice. I know that most of you specialize in only your craft, which you should be, and don’t know the first thing about marketing or increasing the sales for your business. This is usually why you hire an outside marketing company for this. But a common question I get asked often is “what type of marketing services do I need to be signing up for?” Well, here’s a post all about the answers to that question.

3 Must Have Services For Your Practice

Call tracking img

Number 1: A Call Tracking Service

The reason I have made this one #1 is because without it, you never know which form of marketing or advertising generated the phone call! You can’t track how impactful your newspaper ad was until you can track the inbound calls from it.


Number 2: Social Media Profiles

These days social media is becoming bigger and bigger as people become more and more mobile throughout their days. With social websites, your brand and name have much more reach than if you just one stationary website.

advertising imgadvertising imageNumber 3: Advertising!

And lastly I recommend you get yourself someone to run your advertising for your business. Because without advertising, it will be very hard to get people to become aware of your practice! And especially with so many different options people have you need to be front of mind for them when they begin to search.

I hope these 3 services can help you out when thinking about growing your practice, and until next time …Chow!

Restoration Dentistry

Happy Monday again folks –

Ah the week of Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays! I just love getting together with family and lets not forget the awesome food! Make sure to be caring for your teeth after you eat those delicious pumpkin pies!!

Now getting on topic, today I wanted to talk a little about restoration dentistry because it is a lot of times a type of dentistry not often talked about but it needs to be! I would say aside from general dentistry I did a lot of restoration dentistry in my time. Restoration dentistry is known as services such as crowns, dentures, fillings, root canals and fixed dental bridges. Each of these services are used to aid a problem that needs to be fixed or maybe even fixed again. This type of dentistry is typically not the most fun but is the most important. When looking for a dentist to help you with some restoration dentistry it is a good idea to research the dentist before seeing them especially if you are having to fix a problem that has already been treated once, and of course I have a great recommendation for you all when it comes to restoration dentistry and they are located in my favorite Lone Star state!

Dentist in Plano TX

The brother behind Paragon Dentistry are known in Plano TX for their exceptional dental skills. They even run a website to help answer the questions you would normally feel the need to go in and see a dentist for, and they answer them ASAP! Dr. Nelson and Jason Hui are the brother pair behind Paragon and they offer an array of services including restoration dentistry. How do I know they are so great? Well I have had a sister-in-law go through restoration dentistry with them in the past! If you are looking for a dentist to help with a problem you are experiencing contact this awesome dentist in Plano TX today – or research them online!

dentist in Plano TX

Until next time folks, Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!

Little Big Smiles Dentist

Its Monday again folks!

How was everyones weekend? I am loving the cold weather headed our way! My wife and I are in Texas for a convention and are loving the cold temperatures. We have some friends that got snow in the Mid-West last night, it certainly is becoming the holiday season quickly!

Today I wanted to chat a little about another GREAT dentist I’ve discovered here in Texas. Known as Little Big Smiles how great of a name is that? The dentist behind the business is Dr. Andrew Chen and we actually have mutual connections here in the Lone Start State. I toured his office myself while visiting and I am highly impressed with his new age technology and great office set up. Dr. Chen and his staff are highly trained and offer an array of dental services. Anything from restorative dentistry to children dentistry to emergency Little Big Smiles is a great dentist for you in Frisco Texas. How great is it that you can take your whole family to one dentist office and get treatment for yourself and your little one! Dr. Chen and his staff are great with children and are highly trained to work with them. Although a pediatric dentist specialist is a great idea for little ones, having ¬†one stop dentist office for the whole family sure does make it easier!

If you and your family are looking for a dentist in this area, check out Little Big Smiles dentist and let them know Dr. Cliff sent you!

Until next time folks, stay warm!

Dr. C

Looking For Dental Implants?

Hi Folks – Happy Monday Morning!

Today I wanted to chat a little bit about dental implants. As we get older, our teeth tend to get more weak and sometimes we will loose a tooth all together or have to get it pulled. I have had dental implants put into my mouth once before and I can tell you although it is not my most favorite procedure to have done it is very worth it. I have had a few friends, family and patients ask me about dental implants so I thought I would share with you what they are and who I can recommend you see in Texas as requested by a reader.

A dental implant is known as a surgical component that is interfaced with the jaw bone or skull to support a prosthesis dental such as a crown, denture, facial prosthesis, bridge or even to act as an orthodontic anchor. Basically a dental implant is a fake tooth root that is placed into the jaw to hold a tooth or bridge. This is a great option for those who have lost teeth due to disease, injury, age or another reason. I had a reader ask me for a recommendation in Texas and off the top of my head is a great dentist by the name of Dr. Patel. Dr. Patel is located in Carrollton Texas and does an exceptional job with dental implants. I have actually had a friend go see Dr. Patel and he had nothing but great things to say. Dental implants can be a trick procedure, trust me I know! You want to make sure you are going to a reputable dentist for the procedure. So to the reader that asked in Texas – go see Dr. Patel and check him out – dental implants Carrollton Texas

Until next time folks, chow!

Also let me know if you need anymore recommendations in Texas – I know a lot of medical professionals around!

Dr. C

A Great Dentist For Your Family In Tustin CA

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Welcome back! Thanks for checking in with us on this fine Wednesday morning. Today I thought I would share with you one of the very best dentists I’ve found out in Tustin California. Ah the beauty of California, I just love it there! My wife and I found a nice little spot to call home for a few months out of the year near Tustin and we could not be more pleased with the beauty and peace around. While vacationing there this summer I experienced some sensitivity in one of my teeth and decided to search for a local dentist. I found a young gentlemen by the name of Dr. Andrew Kim in Tustin and decided to give him a shot. Being as I have been in the industry for so long, I really gave Kim a tough time (jokingly of course!) and I was so thrilled with his treatment, care, facility, staff and knowledge. Kim is a smart man no doubt! Together we diagnosed what was wrong with my tooth (more him than I) and with a simple procedure I was on my way. Now I have a great dentist to care for me and my family while out in California.

I would recommend Kim to anyone living near Tustin, I would even say make the drive if you live even an hour away. His extreme attention to detail and knowledge (boy does he have knowledge!) and advanced technologies. You will not be let down by Dr. Kim and his staff. Go ahead and check him out dentist in tustin is what I searched to find him online. Tell him Dr. Cliff sent you! He is for sure to remember me!

Until next time, chow.

-Dr. C

All About Pediatric Dentists

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Dr. C here again. Today I wanted to talk about pediatric dentists. I get the question a lot about the importance of pediatrics when it comes to children and medical professionals. For those of you who don’t know what pediatrics is, its is defined as a branch of medicine (medical professionals) dealing with children and their diseases. Pediatric dentists are just that – the pediatric of dentists. They specialize in infants, children and those with special needs. Patients ask me ‘what should I take my child to see a pediatric dentist vs family dentist’ the reality is you can take your child to either one. Pediatric dentists however deal with children 24-7 and are trained to handle a child in any situation. For the child’s comfort, I suggest taking them into a pediatric dentist to help them adapt to the idea of medical professionals and dentists. Once they are old enough, switch them over to a family dentist if you so desire.

The main goal is to make sure your child is comfortable. If you have a great family dentist you think can make your child feel comfortable you can go that route no problem! Again, we just suggest the pediatric dentists due to the child’s comfort as well as their expertise and special training in children’s dentistry.

Until next time folks, chow!

– Dr. Clifford

Foods To Eat For Healthy Lifestyle

Being as I have been in the medical industry for so long as well as the dental industry I have gotten a lot of questions throughout my time. One of the frequently asked questions I get from dental patients is ‘what foods should I eat to help promote healthy teeth/lifestyle?’ What you put into your body is so vastly important. I thought I would share with you some foods that you should be consuming to promote not only healthy teeth but a healthy lifestyle as well.

  • Tea – helps to wash away and reduce plaque build up
  • Cheese – neutralizes plaque acid
  • Crunchy Foods – in limitation, the crush helps as a cleansing mechanism
  • Raisins – known to kill cavity causing bacteria
  • Sugarless Gum – helps to remove plaque build up and activates saliva secretion
  • Almonds & Greens – high in vitamins
  • Milk – neutralizes acid produced from plaque bacteria

Stay tuned for more great info from the medical professionals here at Clifford’s Tower!


First Post Coming Very Soon!

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Dr. Cliff here thanks for stopping by. We cannot wait to share with you everything we know about the medical industry and some more! Please stay tuned for our first post – you will not want to miss out!


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