Are there any benefits from smoking weed?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Well a lot of people will actually contest that there is even any health benefits, but there have been numerous accredited studies done through a variety of medical institutions that will back up that it does in fact, fight cancer cells. This is of course, one of the bigger ones and just a few quick searches around can verify all this information.

However, what is not really covered is all the other exciting benefits that you may not be aware of. For example, did you know that smoking weed is likely to keep you skinnier which can help keep you from getting things such as potential diabetes. One of my personal favorites however is that it actually has been proven to help lung function rather than reduce it. In fact, some associations including that of the American Medical Association believe it actually trains your lungs to function better.

One of the most important benefits that I feel outside of the potential curing of cancer is that of helping you to quit a variety of what would be considered heavy-duty drugs such as Heroin. It was found via a study from Columbia University that showed that they had a better success rate than those not smoking weed in regards to working towards quitting their other addictions.

These of course are just a few of MANY health benefits out there from smoking Marijuana. Feel free to read some more from the source I provided below that covers things such as the cancer fighting help, and how marijuana is actually way safer than things such as Tobacco and alcohol!

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I heard smoking marijuana can help prevent cancer, Is it true?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Well, if you look directly on the National Cancer Institutes website, you'll notice that within the actual website it has been updated to reflect that it can and has removed cancer cells from the body. You can read more about that particular segment found here.

In general though, the reason it's not so widely spread is because things such as chemotherapy and an assortment of "cancer fighting" drugs already makes most industries all around the world too much money. Essentially the fight isn't with proving that marijuana cures cancer, but rather about how to implement it in a nationwide as well as country-wide scale without losing too much in terms of "big money". The issue they're having now is not only will they lose money if people switch to marijuana instead of chemotherapy, but they will lose tons of money from law enforcement sa well. The funny thing is it's actually more profitable to tax Marijuana than the benefits of keeping it off the street.

The media will try to sway you into thinking things like that it's good with chemotherapy treatment so they can keep on draining your bank account, while being able to mix Marijuana into all of that to double their profit margin, but eventually or at least I hope it will come to a point where anyone can use Marijuana to treat cancer without having to rely on the pricey costs of chemotherapy. I guess ultimately only time will tell on just how things will pan out, eh? Hopefully for the better!

Any good reasons to Legalize Marijuana?

Posted by Robert Morley.

There are many good reasons to legalize Marijuana but some of the most important ones are that it helps cure cancer as verified by the National Cancer Institutes own website, will help you to stay relatively thin, and is actually safer than Tobacco and Alcohol, to the point of nearly 100x and there is no real risk of overdose.

When it comes to curing cancer, this is a big step forward in health. The reason it hasn't quite gotten legalized everywhere yet is simply because a lot of governments haven't decided to give up the profit that treatments such as chemotherapy bring in, unfortunately. If it wasn't for that, it would be legalized most everywhere.

One of the more exciting factors of Marijuana is that for some reason, it helps to keep you relatively skinny. Now it's not really a weight loss supplement per-say, but it seems to help in preventing you from actually gaining weight, which is definitely a plus. Some believe it's because it burns off excess fat from what's in Marijuana, but I haven't found any validated sources on this one yet!

My favorite I think out of all of them though is that you can't overdose on Marijuana. Unless someone is literally cramming it down your throat while you're already zoned out, you can't intake Marijuana fast enough to overdose. It does potentially cause other issues depending on the strain but the risk is much lower than let's say drinking alcohol. Going just slightly over a certain limit of alcohol in just one night can actually potentially kill you, or at the very least result in you needing your stomach pumped! In regards to Tobacco, it's been proven that Marijuana actually HELPS your lung health.

If you do a little searching online, you can find the exact same information! I found these factors make it a really exciting time for healthcare, if they ever decide to stop being greedy and truely want to help people, that is.

How dangerous is cannabis?

Posted by Robert Morley.

I wouldn't say Marijuana is dangerous at all, unless you excessively use it. When you over-do it with Marijuana, you're going to have a bad day but if you use just the right amount and strain, you'll be relaxed and relieved of most types of pain, while potentially eating a bag of chips and laughing your head off at something on Comedy Central.

In general, people say that Marijuana is bad but in reality, you can't even overdose on it and in fact it improves lung health. So if you were to have been a heavy smoker of Tobacco all your life, you can actually get better by smoking Marijuana. The only time that once again Marijuana is bad for you is if you do it in excess, much like most things and is similar to alcohol in that regard.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Marijuana is in fact, not addictive. The addiction aspect is more out of habit than addiction, but there is no after craving like you would have from smoking a cigarette or drinking alcohol. In fact, if it's not for you it can essentially be a "one and done" kind of scenario.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that simple allergens such as peanuts cause more deaths yearly than Marijuana has ever did since it's inception as far as records go back. Keeping this in mind, even peanuts don't take that many lives to the amount of lives Marijuana takes are VERY low, and it's usually those that do it in excess and with other types of drugs so in a lot of cases, it's not even directly related!

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Will the next US President legalize medical cannabis nation-wide, i.e. in all 50 States?

Posted by Robert Morley.

As much of an exciting thought as this might be, it's not really feasible as the president generally doesn't have that kind of authority, however. This doesn't mean he or she can't push the efforts in for lobbying to show that he means business which in turn may push out legalization across the board, but ultimately whether they get involved or not, I don't believe it's going to go any faster than it already is.

The reason I feel it will stay at a very steady pace as it Is, is because ultimately the delays are the government trying to figure out the best way to prioritize it for each individual state, and how to get taxes sent back to them that best reflect the laws of the state. This can be quite a complicated process, and thus can result in some quite major delays.

Not only that, but they have to factor in other not so legitimate businesses that have been conducting the drug sales for years, and figuring out an ideal way to keep them happy while still making a profit, by usually utilizing some kind of program or incentive to make it more appealing to those that are already in the drug trade illegaly, which is one of the hardest parts.

The short answer is I wouldn't hold your breath too much that things will be pushed through faster in this regard, but of course we can hope and see what happens!

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What are the disadvantages of legalizing marijuana?

Posted by Robert Morley.

In no way is Marijuana a gateway drug and it goes beyond what others have said, there is no level of addiction and it's one of the few drugs that's actually made it's way into the medicinal legalization of such a drug, so in no way is it really going to have a chance to even become a gateway drug. Generally, you run more of a risk of drinking and getting into heavy-duty drugs than smoking a joint and wanting something stronger. In fact, Marijuana has been known to actually do quite the opposite and help make you not want to smoke anything but Marijuana and the reason that's a good thing is due to the lack of addiction. With a drug like Heroin you're addicted until you're slowly weened off, those smoking are more likely to quit their other drug addictions and replacing them with Marijuana thus negating lots of harmful effects that someone may have endured.

Also, Marijuana doesn't really have long-term effects unless used in excess. As with anything, including junk food and soda, you run a risk of health problems. Of course you're going to feel ill if all you do day after day is smoke as much as possible, but if you smoke in moderation you won't ever have any real issues. The biggest issue most people experience is memory loss and in some cases paranoia if you have the wrong type of strain. Other than those two main issues, most of the time you'll feel relaxed and extremely calm without a care in the world!

When it comes to Marijuana falling into a kids hands it ultimately doesn't matter as it would actually be better if they were smoking that then Tobacco as with smoking a cigarette it's 100x worse for your health than lighting up a joint. Some people actually have Marijuana to quit smoking and and improve their lung health at the same time so it's kind of a win-win no matter what the case.

Of course it's ultimately up to you to do research but from what I can tell, there is no cons of Marijuana legalization. Not only will it be better for your health over-all, but it will also bring in millions of dollars in ad revenue if you look up states like California that have legalized it only for medicinal purposes at this point.

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What is the most popular weed strain?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Honestly, this is kind of a hard question to answer as it ultimately depends on the area you're from. As every country is different, as well as every small town and places where laws differ and the more limited availability can greatly effect what types of strains you'll find to be the most popular.

Is a story in itself, but I feel that whatever might be popular now will greatly change in the near future especially as more and more places legalize it for medicinal use. Then the popularity will be pushed towards the strain with the best cancer treating options, pain relief, and other types of health ailments, especially when big business gets more involved such as healthcare and government.

As it gets more implemented into the health system, I imagine you'll see more generic but widely used types of strains that will ultimately be more popular than those that might give you a better high as a lot of people will start to realize that the health aspects are far more important than the high it will give. Of course, you'll still have those people that love it for recreational use and there is nothing wrong with that, i'm just saying that the strains that are popular are ultimately going to end up being the ones in association with medical marijuana.

What are the best cannabis strains to help anxiety?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Not all strains will give you anxiety. The issue however is that every strain effects people differently, so the trick would be to find the ideal strain that best fits you. When reading of an article on Leafly which is a pretty well-known page about Marijuana, they suggest Grandaddy Purple for most people, which helps ultimately to ease you into a peaceful mindset while as they put it helps to release all the stress and tension that you have. It sounds quite ideal, but of course before going full force into any sort of Marijuana, you should try it in small does and see how it helps. Once you find one that is working you're golden to start enjoying the anxiety free life that you've been craving!

The thing you have to keep in mind is that you would want a good strain with a low THC level as it can tend to elevate your heart rate if you have too much of it or too strong of a strain and aren't ready for it. If you keep in mind a strain specifically with low THC and that is for anxiety, you should be good to go. This will then result in the most minimal risk to yourself and potential anxiety and paranoia.

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Best marijuana recipes?

Posted by Robert Morley.

It seems from digging around online and reading this thread that the top ones to consider seem to be edibles with blueberries in them, brownies, mints made like oreos, peanut butter cups, and oreo cookies. You can also dig around and look up recipes made with canna butter. Generally if you make something with butter, just replace it with Cannabis and you're all set to go for most easy recipes. Not everyones going to like replacing some foods with it, but it actually works quite well with most.

There are of course a lot of other types of recipes too you may have not even thought of such as making cheese crackers, raisin cookies, chocolate pretzels, fruit chews and pb&j cups to name a few. Heck, you could even consider making some rice krispies treats to really make things interesting. One of the more interesting ones is making caramel popcorn, very delicious.

Generally just think of all the snack foods you love, then keep in mind what Marijuana tastes like and think to yourself, "Is this something I would like with a Marijuana taste" and BAM, you got some great ideas for recipes! Some of the ideas I actually got were from the resource I attached providing quite an assortment of exciting foods to make with simplistic recipes. Definitely worth checking out, :) Wayyy more recipes than I would ever need, but it has ideas for pretty much everyone no matter what kind of tastes you have.

Do I need a registered and licensed business in order to sell medical marijuana food?

Posted by Robert Morley.

It ultimately depends on where you live and whether it's legal or illegal there and in what form. For example, in California you would need a license and can only sell it medically at this point, but if you were in Oregon as another example, you have free range to pretty much sell it how you want and when you want without much restriction. If you're not within the United States, better yet. The further away from there you get, the less restrictions you have and the more you have free reign to do whatever you would want with it, really.

If you really want to sell without restriction, take a trip on down to Amsterdam, make some profit, and come back to wherever you're from with the profits. As far as i'm aware, I don't believe there is any law that says they can take cash from your bank account that you earned from another country so in that scenario, you would be perfectly safe and can get high without restriction too, so definitely a win-win, eh?

When you get into food it's still Marijuana in there, and in fact there may be more restrictions as then you might need a kitchen that is considered legally sanitary enough to be cooking meals on, as well as proper equipment and you may only be allowed to make your foods in a certain way which of course is unfortunate but at the same time if you think of it the other way as the potential consumer, wouldn't you want your food to be as safe as can be, I know I would!

Should I Put weed on my food?

Posted by Robert Morley.

Without cooking Marijuana to some degree, it can be VERY deadly. Not that it's toxic but it's to the same extent of eating raw uncooked foods, there may be potential contaminates that need to be cooked away before ingesting. What you can do is cook it up, then store through a variety of preservation techniques, and then utilize it to sprinkle on to a variety of foods that way.

One of the more common ways to do things is a lot of people simply make their Cannabis into butter and it makes it much easier to cook into a variety of foods since so many recipes call for just a bit of butter, that little bit of Cannabis can be a good replacement.

In regards to getting the "high" you're looking for, that would ultimately depend on how much exactly you cook it and what you're cooking it into. Of course, the longer it is cooked, the less of a THC effect it will have and thus, the less high you will ultimately get. In other words, the more simple the recipes the better the effect.

The short answer to keep in mind is to simply not over-do it, because if you do you'll only burn out all the THC value out of it and never get the high you're looking for but I guess the plus side is, you'll probably end up with some really tasty food but not the exciting after-effects, unfortunately.

Which one is worse? Junk food or weed?

Posted by Robert Morley.

My break-down goes like this, Marijuana is actually better for you than fast food the simple reason being is that it actually helps to prevent potential obesity and diabetes. In fact, it elevates your heart rate which in turn will help your blood pump faster and in turn keep you skinnier longer. When it comes to fast food however, you'll end up gaining weight, getting many potential health issues such as diabetes, and also you'll be more prone to heart attacks. Of course, with Cannabis you still run that risk but if you find the right strain for you, that risk is almost zero.

I think the biggest issue you might have is that Marijuana can cause some short-term memory loss which in turn can get you into some potentially deadly scenarios you know, like eating fast food! As long as you keep the amount of Marijuana you have at a low level, there isn't even a risk of an over-dose where-as if you're eating too fast or being rather glutinous with fast food, you have the potential to have a heart attack right there and then.

These are just a few of the reasons why I would much rather have Marijuana than eat fast food as ultimately for long-term health the only major thing you would have to worry about is memory loss, where-as with fast food there is a myriad of potential issues that can put you at risk on a day to day basis and wreck havoc on your health for sure!

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What does marijuana do?

Posted by Robert Morley.

This is a rather vague question but I will try to do my best to answer it for you but the best summary is that it alters your perception and gives you a rather euphoric feeling. A lot of people tend to use Marijuana as a stress-reliever as it gives you a rather light-headed feeling and helps essentially increase your mind-set at the time whether that's paranoia or extreme happiness.

Lately however it's been being used more and more for it's medicinal properties as the CBD(cannaboids.) in the Cannabis generally give off a variety of health benefits from things such as potentially curing cancer to helping relieve general and chronic pain of all sorts from Arthritis to even some saying Lupus. Although there is a lot of doubt surrounding just how great marijuana is, it's also had a lot of positive press and amazing case studies proving it's benefits. What you definitely can't deny is that it helps to some degree as long as it's not used in excess!

So whether you want to use it for recreational use for the purpose of getting high and getting some much needed stress-relief or if you're running out of options with modern medicine for health conditions that you may have no matter what the case Marijuana is a plus plus and can can do you a wonderful assortment of things so it's at the least worth trying out!

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How come cannabis is still not legal?

Posted by Robert Morley.

The reason Marijuana is still illegal for the most part is quite simply because the government hasn't found an ideal way to monetize it yet. As you can gradually see the push for medical marijuana but mostly under the guise of use with treatments such as chemotherapy but not an outright cancer cure they can actually double their profit margin. The down-side of this is that means they care more about their money and business, than the actual people that have cancer or other major health problems. The short answer is, if implemented all at once insurance companies, hospitals, and the government would be out millions of dollars. Once they find a way to properly monetize it both for medicinal use as well as recreational is the time when the government has finally found out ideal ways to both tax it for recreational use, while still making use of it for medicinal purposes and helping insurance and healthcare bank off the profits.

The reason cigarettes and alcohol are legal is quite simply many years of legislation and once again, means of which to determine how to ultimately profit from it. Not too long back, there was actually a prohibition of alcohol and with it resulted in kind of a riot in a way, leading to many places offering it up in secret. Essentially, where there is a will there is a way and I think the government is starting to realize that no matter how strict they make the laws people will still smoke Marijuana. Of course, this in turn means they want to figure out how to govern and control it, while making a profit too.

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